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Day 4(12.01.08) – AMBP Gathering: Coffee Therapy for Bloggers

January 20th, 2008 · 2 Surrendered

After breakfast at Holiday Inn, we waited for the shuttle to send us to Bukit Bintang. I tried to ask them to send us to Mid Valley as it’s on the way but the supervisor didn’t allow it as there were other people following the shuttle too. So we had to go to the designated area to be fair. Well… It’s free, nothing much can be done. It’s all right, we’ll just take the monorail from Imbi to Mid Valley.

When I was walking towards KL Sentral, I realised that my foot steps were getting louder and louder and finally… See the left picture *LOL* Tried to buy a pair at KL Sentral but not worth it. Luckily it’s a sandals I still have two other support at the ankle, if it’s just slippers then I will definitely have to buy one. I dragged my feet all the way to The Gardens, Mid Valley hahaha… Ivan was at the station waiting for friends, he greeted me else I won’t be seeing him also *LOL* The right picture is my RM25 slippers from Bata at Mid Valley, the most expensive slippers I’ve ever buy :p Wilson insisted me to buy before going to lunch hahaha… Nyek… Nyek… Nyek… My foot was supported by Wilson’s foot so that I could get a better photo of my slippers *LOL* Thanks hahaha… Did you know that he said that if by the time he reaches 40 and we’re not married yet, he wants to marry me? *LOL* QUICK! If you don’t want him to get me, you better act fast! Hahaha… I’m so desperate 😛

We were so late that more than 50 people already claimed their drinks. We were not entitled to free drinks anymore… Hahaha… What to do? No need to drink hehehe… I had my water bottle with me 😛 I would rather drink plain water instead of sweet drinks and I’ve been a regular customer at Starbucks ever since I’m in Genting.

For those late comers like us, we got nothing hehehe… However, we were lucky enough to win some prizes from the lucky draw!

The 3 Kuchingites that won the lucky draw! Damn lucky. Even those not from Kuching but hung out with us all won the lucky draw, wow… We were such a lucky bunch hehehe… Platinumgirl, Jimmy and I. The photo shows almost all the prizes that we got 😛 I gave out my movie passes that I got from FACES to Platinumgirl and Wilson I think or is it Daniel? Aiksss… I lost track hahaha…. There were so many movie passes in the bags! *LOL* I gave mine all away to Wilson. There were so many lipsticks and all of them are the same colour in one box, Platinumgirl got it. Goodness! Wonder what are they thinking by giving all the same colour -.- She gave each of us one hehehe… I don’t use lipstick, might put it on sale in Ebay *LOL* Lipstick from Loreal up for grab, anyone!?!?!.

Left: Me! Finally my name was called! Hahaha…
Right: Daniel the guy in red, went to Catscity Clique last year hehehe… He’s more or less become part of Kuching blogger *LOL* He was damn lucky! His name was called for the lucky draw and he was in the toilet hahaha… Then not long later, his name was called again for another round! WOW! See that’s how lucky our group was hehehe… The girl in pink is Sammy that loves loofah so much hehehe… She also won the lucky draw hehehe… Hmmm… The guy at the back… Hmmm… I think his name is James not so sure 😛 Sorry… The one on the most right is Ivan hehehe… Long time no see 😛

Left: Platinumgirl and I with one of our lucky draw prizes 😛
Right: Yvonne and I. I didn’t manage to talk much with her.

There were many other bloggers like smashpop, Peter Tan(which I always said that he’s Paul Tan -.- aiyoo… I always got their names mixed up :P) I didn’t manage to mingle around because I don’t know how hahaha… Not unless you approach me, I won’t approach you hehehe… Basically, I didn’t manage to know many people that day and I wasn’t in the group photo because we had to get our lunch and prepared for another bloggers’ meet which at the end I didn’t involve instead sitting at the corner of Starbucks with Wilson and LeeTeeng hahaha… Louiss said that I was so busy at the AMBP Gathering that he didn’t go over to greet me *LOL* However, he did greet me before I left to go to Pavilion hehehe… In fact he did greet me earlier on but I didn’t notice :p Or I did notice but didn’t respond as who knows he’s greeting someone else hehehe… I didn’t know him that time too.

That’s all for the gathering and NO! I didn’t go there just to attend this event hahaha… I’m not like you-know-who that always have to fly to various places just to attend an event on invitation or on self-expense. Just happened that I’m there. 😛

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