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Dim Sum @ Imperial Duck

September 23rd, 2009 · Nobody Surrendered

Imperials Duck… Went there twice only. This time went there for brunch with my aunt and sis on a Sunday morning, it happened few weeks back aka the week we came back from Singapore. That was exactly one month ago hehehe… Only update it now because there were so many things to update.

My sis kept saying that she wanted to eat dim sum in Singapore but we didn’t manage to try any because of aih… Don’t want mention anymore. So my aunt suggested that we went to have dim sum when we got back to Kuching. After discussing on which place to go for dim sum, we ended up at Imperial Duck. Reason? *shrug* No reason at all. One of the nearest place from our house I guess…

Mind you, I’m not a dim sum fan and have very limited knowledge on what a good dim sum should be like ;p So I can only judge it based on my own standard.

Right: “Si-Chuan” Dumpling(RM3 / 4 pieces), thought it will be very spicy but not spicy at all.

Left: Steamed Pork Ribs(RM2.40), this is not bad, didn’t get the meat stucked in between my teeth and the meat was easily separated from the bone.

Right: Steamed Chicken Feet(RM2.40), I love chicken feet, I don’t care how it’s cooked as long that it’s chicken feet hahaha… Do you know that chicken feet are rich in collagen (read it somewhere but don’t remember where), in other words it’s good for your skin! ;p

Left: “Har Kao”(RM4.50 / 3 pieces), the skin is a bit tough and dry.

Right: Steamed Pork Dumpling(RM4.50), I’m quite disappointed with this, I was expecting more soup in there.

Left: Egg Yolk Bun(RM3 / 2 pieces), don’t you think they are cute? Not bad for this, if not mistaken the filling was made from salted egg yolk and custard.

Overall, I think the dim sum is pretty OK. What do you expect from someone that only had proper dim sum meal 2 times in her entire life? (exclude the usual pao and sio bee that can be found easily at coffee shops) *LOL*

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