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Don’t Go To Loan Sharks

September 8th, 2007 · Nobody Surrendered

When you want to apply for home loan, car loan, studies loan, personal loan and so on either it’s a secure loan or unsecure loan. Normally people will surely go to the bank to get loan. However, there are people that turn to loan sharks especially when they need a whole lump sum of money in a very short period of time. They didn’t think of the consequences if they can’t pay up. Loan sharks are no good people, don’t ever ever mess with them. At the end, you will only bring toubles to those around you. Personally, I do know some friends that did that and they are now in deep shit. Still… Many people still go to loan sharks as it’s easier to get the money from there instead of from legal institutions.

To avoid all these troubles are simple! You must know how to use your money, be wise in handling your money. Also, even if you don’t go to loan sharks and go for legal financial institutions, make sure you know your capability to repay loans that you had applied. This way, you won’t rack up unwanted debts.

Lastly, be smart and be wise with your money.

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