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Farewell Dinner at Ky Chow

October 18th, 2011 · Nobody Surrendered

One of my friends here is leaving… Gonna miss her soooooo much! She’s one of the friends here that I can share my problems with especially in the relationship department, we have the same expectations, we understand what each other had gone tru’ which usually most people will not understand, no wonder we clicked. We’ve only known each other for 6 months but we had bonded, too bad now she’s back in Malaysia for good.

We went to Ky Chow again. This time for farewell dinner. Supposed to be 10 of us, at the end only 8 of us.

Left: Hot & Sour Seafood Soup (AUD4.50), it’s quite spicy if you can’t tolerate spiciness. The soup was quite thick. Sour and spicy enough.
Right: Shallot Pan Cake (AUD5), it wasn’t so bad.

Left: I don’t remember what’s this, had it previously. I can’t seem to locate it in the menu. Should be sweet & sour chicken, there’s sweet & sour pork in the menu though.
Right: Granny’s Bean Curd with Prawns Hot Pot (AUD14.80).

Left: Had Chinese Fruit Hawthorn Pork ribs (AUD11.80) previously too.
Right: Salty Fish Egg Plant Hot Pot (AUD10.80), had this previously too hahaha… Apparently my friends kept ordering the same dishes means these are the recommended ones by them.

Left: *LOL* I have no idea what is this. It’s a type of beef dish, tried to locate it in the menu but none of them ring a bell.
Right: Group photos. Our 2 male coursemates didn’t turn up last minute. It should left only 6 girls for the dinner but the other two brought their boyfriends(not our coursemates) along. Only 3 Malaysians, the rest were from different parts of China. I guess you can easily spot who are from Malaysia and who are from China 😉

Gonna miss my friend for sure. I sent her to the airport last Saturday. Thought I will not cry but ended up I cried -.-” ARG! So embarassing ;p

Sigh… Everyone is leaving yet I’m trying hard to stay.

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