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First 3D Movie in Adelaide – The Avengers

May 20th, 2012 · Nobody Surrendered

It was a fun day yesterday and today. Went to many places these two days but will post about this first because there’s too many photos to share for 2-day day trip.

Went to my very first 3D movie in Adelaide at Greater Union Arndale. It was an impromptu decision after dinner. We watched the one at 9.20pm.

Let’s talk about the movie.

I heard many people said that the movie is great and I’ve been seeing my FB timeline fills with people praising it. As for me, it’s good. I do agree. How agree? Hahaha… I don’t know how to say, just good enough. ;p I’m not a movie person. However, for 3D, it’s really nothing to rave about, didn’t really have that great 3D effect at all. A bit disppointing in this area. Better watch the normal one will do. Better save that few dollars. One thing though, you need to watch the other individual movies of all those heroes to understand the rationale of each hero in this movie.

Watching movie here is expensive -.-” Luckily I have student discount. Still, it’s quite expensive. No seats were assigned to us so we got to choose anywhere we wanted to sit. There were not many people watching it too, with that huge cinema, there’s only a few of us. That’s good.

The movie ended at 11.59pm. Went straight home after that.

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