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First Time Clubbing in Adelaide

October 6th, 2011 · 2 Surrendered

My very first time clubbing in Adelaide, first time and already hit 3 clubs in one night! ;p It happened after exam. We all completed our exam and decided that we must party to the max after 2 study periods of slaving hahaha…

After dessert, I went to meet my other group of friends around 11pm. They had pre-drinking session, I didn’t drink much, just a few sips of red wine.

We, 4 girls, headed out to Swish at Stamford Hotel near our apartment at 12am+, means it’s already 17/9/2011. It was initially planned to be girls night out but we called up a guy friend of ours to join us last minute. The theme of the night was 90’s, the music didn’t really rock us so we decided to change place.

We headed to Heaven, need to pay cover charge. GAH! AUD15! Not cheap wei! Another guy friend came to join us too. All 6 of us from 3 different countries(Malaysia, Pakistan, and China). Go figure, who is from where ;p

Then, around 3.30am, we headed to another club, Lavish, near our apartment. Luckily this time no cover charge else I’ll be broke! I had spent so much earlier of the night for dinner and then the cover charge of Heaven. Way over my budget. Before going into Lavish, we stopped by McD as some of us need BREAKFAST! 😛 I had a cup of Fruit Fizz.

We headed to our starting point, friend’s apartment, at 5am hahaha… Then they continued to drink again, to finish off the red wine. I only started to drink now ;p drank about half glass only. Didn’t even touch any alcohol during clubbing. Actually I did, just a sip, my friend asked me to try her drink. That’s all I had.

At 5.30am, we called it a night. I didn’t bother to shower, just removed my makeup and went to sleep. Good thing the clubbing scene here doesn’t allow indoor smoking, I didn’t sweat too else I’ll have to shower, wash my hair, dry my hair and so on. By the time I’m done with all those stuff, it’ll be 7am! So I managed to go to bed at almost 6am.

What an experience in Adelaide. That’s not all… More to come, it was a full swing weekend for me. Things started from Friday evening and only ended on Sunday evening.

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