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Freebies Giveaways & RTM Recording

February 7th, 2010 · Nobody Surrendered

I have so many pending post, KL post. MOB post, Betong post, and food post that are not ready yet. However, I’ll blog about this first which is easier to blog ;p.

Today, it’s the turn of Morgan, Fahri, Naomi, and Sandra to give freebies away. Apparently they got many prizes too, so they had two rounds of games.

I went there with my parents and when I reached there, Morgan and Fahri almost ended their activities. All I know was that, I was busy looting stuffs that Mike got from the game ;p

Fahri asked me to go up to help out with Naomi’s and Sandra’s activity as someone from the crowd. I think I’m the only tHe Spring Ambassador finalists that actually went up to win something *LOL* We played Limbo Rock! Oh my! I fell hard on the stage in public! Wakakaka… I don’t mind really.

Then they had kids went up to do catwalk. Funny… Where’re the adults?!?!? I thought they could get better response compare to us but apparently we also had to help them look for people to join them on stage.

There… Everyone had done their final task and now we will be waiting for the final result.

Before Noami and Sandra’s slot, we(the finalists) had a short filming with RTM crews for KUPPA KOPI. It’s aired every Monday at 2pm on TV1. It’s not in the plan at all, it’s last minute.

Aiks… I didn’t even have full makeup, just a bit of foundation, blusher, eyeliner, and mascara which were not very visible. I was just simply wearing my usual clothes. Didn’t dress up at all since I was only tagging along with my parents.

The staffs at Stage offered to apply some makeup for me but we got no time for that. Thanks for the offer, I appreciate it 😉 I just applied some lipstick from them that’s all.

So… I’ll be appearing on national TV this coming CNY(should be second day of CNY, 2pm) with almost no makeup(can consider no makeup at all!) to wish you a happy Chinese New Year.

Here… Group photo is a must 😉 Too bad, the photo is too blurred to salvage. I should have activated the flash.

Lesson learnt ;p. From now on, I should not go there without dressing up first! See what happened today? *LOL*

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