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Gawai BBQ – Alysha’s House

June 1st, 2006 · Nobody Surrendered

Alysha was having a BBQ session at her place. So went over before 6pm to help up but then the person in charge of the grill only turned up about 45 minutes later. So nothing much we could do, we just lazed around while waiting for him.

Finally… the guys started to make fire with newspapers. The charcoals we used were made from coconut shells. This is the first time I came across coconut shell charcoals. When it’s burnt, there some sort of weird smell produced. Not so sure how to describe it but ewwwwwww… hate that smell ;p

Fried mee hoon by Yin Mei.
Paul in charge of the BBQ ;p because we were all too lazy, we only want to eat but didn’t want to work hahaah…

Later in the evening, Alysha‘s parents bought fried noodle and fried mee hoon for us because worried that the food wasn’t enough for 12 of us but who knows… just two chicken wings, some hotdogs and a plate of fried mee hoon from Yin Mei, we were full.

Not to forget Alysha’s parents also bought some corns back for us to BBQ. Yummy, I love BBQ corn. The corn was sweet. Then we had dessert, ice cream with cones. Corn and cone? ;p The orange portion of the ice cream is mango, purple is yam and yellow is corn(I think…) or durian hahaha…

After that, we started our karaoke session ;p Paul and Jimmy hogged the mic most of the time. Most people didn’t want to sing and guess what songs we sang the whole night? Sad love songs… strange huh?

We ended the session at around 10.30pm. Off we went home. Thanks Alysha for letting us to use your house for the BBQ.

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