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Glasses Dilemma

January 11th, 2012 · Nobody Surrendered

Those who are wearing glasses definitely will experience something like annoying reflection, fingerprints, dust, oil and so on every single day. I can’t stand all these on the glasses. I would always want to clean it, it’s annoying that’s why I seldom wear glasses but mostly contact lens.

With the new technology available now known as the oleophobic coating, worry no more! This technology repeals water, oil, dust and fingerprints, while having the ability to reduce annoying reflections. This will allow easy care for your lens and less frustration in wearing glasses. Wish I have one now so that I can enjoy wearing my glasses. Maybe I should ask about it the next time I want to get my glasses changed.

Wonder where can you get this? You can try to check out Zenni Optical but do bear in mind that it’s not located in Malaysia or Australia. It’s an online shop that specialized in various type of glasses. They offer high quality frames with reasonably good price. Whether you need prescription glasses or sunglasses or just glasses for fashion, do head over there.

You’ll never know what you will find there, it must be interesting to browse around. Lastly, don’t forget that you must always get your eyes check and get the correct prescriptions.

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