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Got Lost & KLCC 6th January 2010

February 1st, 2010 · 2 Surrendered

Continue on with my KL trip post. Many other posts are still pending because I haven’t filter the images.

All right… So we got lost… We turned left, left, left instead of right. My bad… Told ya… I’m bad with direction especially with the map! I mixed up the instructions given too. After turning and turning the same place for at least 4 times, basically we’re seeing KL Tower every single time ;p Finally someone came to us while we were trying to figure out the map and saved us! Silly, silly! Bukit Bintang was all these while right in front of me but I missed it. I couldn’t see Lot10’s signboard, if I saw it, I would know. The signboard was covered by the monorail and trees at certain angle, that’s why -.-” I felt so bad ok… Leading my parents to the wrong place and made them walked so much. It was a very hot afternoon summore!

On the bright side, I managed to take photos of the tower ;p Never got the chance to take one whenever I’m in KL. Also explored the area that I’ve never been to.

We actually tried to hail a taxi near Hotel Istana and that taxi man tried to slaughter us by telling us going to KLCC cost RM16! Luckily we were told it should not exceed RM10 if we were to go to KLCC by taxi.

Left: Another view that we saw when we got lost.

Right: WHAT THE F***! When I saw this sign, I felt so want to kick myself. Next to it, there’s Ain Arabia. Saw Ain Arabia in the map but didn’t expect it’s actually so close! This is actually the road leading straight to 41Berangan! Just go in straight, down the hill and there it was!

Left: Finally found the taxi stand. Asked one taxi, he told us RM10. We just took it. At least still in the range.

Right: Initial plan was go to KLCC Aquaria but got turned off by the price and also got quite tired walking around because if we were to go in there, we have to walk again! -.-” This is the road leading to KLCC Aquaria.

So we just went to the souvenir shop to see see look look.

Finally got the chance to take picture of Petronas Twin Tower.

Left: We didn’t know we had walked such long distant as we’ve been walking inside the building. This architecture greeted us when we came out from the building and got a shock seeing that the twin tower was so far away already. Ok… For Kuchingite standard, it’s far ;p

Right: We slowly walked back to the twin tower. This is the fountain you can find there at KLCC.

After that, we tried to locate the LRT at KLCC to go back to Bukit Bintang. I thought the station will link to each other under one roof, we didn’t have to walk out of the building but we were so wrong. We had to walked out of the building when we reached Dang Wangi station. Then walked to the opposite side of the road via overhead bridge to another station, Bukit Nanas, to go to Bukit Bintang. It’s quite a distant to walk to the Bukit Nanas station, again… For our standard ;p

All in all, 3 of us, we spent RM7.50 to go back to Bukit Bintang from KLCC. We concluded, it’s not worth it! ;p Rather use taxi coz taking LRT and monorail was taking up too much energy. From then on, we decided no more monorail or LRT. Taxi all the way next time!

Our last stop was Sungei Wang. Had dinner at the food court as we couldn’t decide on what to eat and was too tired to hunt. I’m sorry to say, our food court in Kuching is way better than that. After dinner, we walked around Sungei Wang before we called it a night.

Who knows… We lost our direction again! Ask the police stationed there and he got no idea where was Jalan Berangan haha… Then I saw McD right in front of me as that row of shops led to Ain Arabia, there’s also EON Bank and Watsons there. We finally found our way “home”.

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    u was sitting beside me during boarding. u hold krispy kreme.

  • 2 sweet surrender // Feb 3, 2010 at 9:56 am

    sandra, eeeee… OMG! Hahaha… Just beside me… Sorry ar… Didn’t notice you. Paiseh, paiseh…

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