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Happy 30th Birthday to Me!

September 4th, 2012 · 1 Surrendered

MY GOODNESS! I’m hitting 30! No more saying I’m in my 20’s *GULP* How time flies? My 29th was rather miserable but my 30th is different from the rest of the years.

My friend arranged a surprise birthday party for me on 1st September. It was supposed to be for all the people in the group who are celebrating their birthday in September but plan was changed. No one told me. Drank so much because this group of friends have their birthday drinking rules. Good thing I’m not a drinker so they went easy on me. Instead of whisky, I had strawberry wine and Vodka Cruiser Strawberry. Still, these got me rather drunk but not until I did crazy things, I was still very much aware of everything except having aching body and stomach -.-” and kept going to the toilet too. I ended up drinking lots and lots of water after that.

Left: Tiramisu made by one of my friends as my birthday cake.
Right: Some of my friends.

More… Some left earlier and some just were not in the frame ;p.

My presents! Never get so many in my life ;p Some more, L’Occitane Body care products overload lol… There’s also The Body Shop and Disney’s body care products. So many! How to finish them? LOL…

We had steamboat for dinner. We had karaoke session too. The party ended at around 2.30am.

Thanks everyone for making the night a night to remember and making the efforts to arrange this celebration for me. My very first birthday party in 30 years and in Adelaide! Man… I sounded so old hehehe….

At the end of the night, instead of the birthday girl who got drunk, the host and one of the guests got drunk and they couldn’t remember much about what happened after the party *LOL*


Went to Hahndorf Inn for my birthday dinner today with someone ;p Didn’t expect to see him at all and didn’t even expect that we will be celebrating my birthday together. I thought he was just asking me for a dinner as usual around the corner instead we went all the way to Hahndorf for it. It’s about 30 minutes drive. I thought he was joking but when he drove into the highway leading to Hahndorf, then it hit me that we’re really going there! I didn’t even dress for the occasions hahaha… I was so full from my late lunch and didn’t really eat much for the dinner. We ordered A Taste of Germany Platter (AUD59.90) and at the end packed the food home, too full. Wanted to go for dessert but no more space.

After Hahndorf, he was supposed to send me home so that I can study for next week’s exam but I didn’t feel like going home so we ended up at his friend’s house. Left at almost 11.30pm. Since he drank quite a lot, he asked me to drive. My second time driving in Adelaide. Both time he drank too much to drive. Scary! LOL… Not familiar with the car and road some more. Guess what?!?! Before turning into the junction to his place, there’s RBT (random breath test) just before the junction! Man! I was asked to do the test ;p RBT on my birthday in Adelaide! How cool? What an experience! Either I drove like a drunk or the car smelt of alcohol because he drank so much. Judging from the police’s face, he seemed like not quite believe that I wasn’t drunk when he saw the test result. Luckily I didn’t even drink a single bit of alcohol (well, just a sip to try the beer) that night as he didn’t allow me to drink because I complained about not feeling well last Saturday night after downing so much alcohol. Hehehe…

That’s how I spent my 30th birthday, at least this time not alone and miserable.

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