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Happy 53rd Merdeka

August 31st, 2010 · 2 Surrendered

I’m sure many of you are enjoying the holiday even though it’s just one day. The weather is so good today. Great for outing. As for me, I think I’ve just wasted this wonderful day sitting in front of the computer composing this post, Facebooking, deleting spams and etc. Whatever… In fact, I’m supposed to be in Singapore now for holiday but due to some issues the plan had to be canceled.

Anyway, I realize that this year’s Merdeka celebration is very quiet, even the national celebration was done in the indoor stadium at Bukit Jalil instead of having it outdoor. Not only that, it seems like many Sarawakians and Sabahans aren’t really in the mood to celebrate it too, at least that’s what I notice in my Facebook. Almost all(the East Malaysians) said that they feel that it is not significant to them and all they care is the Malaysia Day on the 16th September. To them, they said that 31st August is the independence of Malaya(West Malaysia) and it’s not independence of Malaysia. Well… In a way, it’s logically and correct.

To me, without 31st August, there won’t be Malaysia. Without the independence of Malaya, there won’t be Malaysia. However, saying that 31st August is Malaysia’s independence day is not right. Malaysia was only formed on 16th September 1963 when Sabah and Sarawak joined the federation.

Until this day, I’m proud to be a Malaysian(especially a Sarawakian) despite all the shortcomings of the country. We are so much better than other countries, we are very lucky to be able to live peacefully and for you to able to be here and read this post, it is enough to be thankful of as you are not out there trying to scavenge for food, have no water or electricity, sleeping on the street and so on. We should be thankful for that. No doubt we complain about this and that but that’s just part of life, who doesn’t complain? Everyone has their own opinion on every single thing. We cannot deny that. Furthermore, you can afford to complain about the lousy broadband, the food served in some eateries being not nice, lousy customer service and so on unlike other countries which are war-torn and poor, those people don’t get the luxury of complaining about these petty stuffs.

However, I still don’t get the 1Malaysia thing, sorry. I’m too dumb to understand as we here have been living harmoniously together, at least for this part of Malaysia.

Muslims or non-Muslims sitting together in a non-halal open air market or coffee shop enjoying each other company and eating from the same plate, it’s not an issue.

Non-Muslim eating or drinking in front of the Muslims during fasting month, it is also never an issue. Of course, most will not do it in front of their Muslim friends out of respect but even if it’s done, it’s not an issue.

Muslims and non-Muslims sitting together in an eatery, one having mee goreng and another having kolomee(pork version) is not an issue too! So, 1Malaysia is in a way irrelevant to us(Sabahans and Sarawakians).

Besides that, I’m sure we all notice some fine prints stating “Valid in Malaysia. Inclusive of Sabah and Sarawak” or otherwise. *LOL* OK… Really *LOL* I’m speechless. 1Malaysia eh? Aren’t Sabah and Sarawak in Malaysia?

No matter what, that’s what happening around us, that’s parts and parcels of our lives here. There’s still a long way to go for Malaysia, there’s still a lot to learn and grow. It’s never easy.

At least I know I’m proud of my citizenship unlike some people that who are Malaysians but not living in Malaysia because they said that they see no hope and feel ashame with the country at the same time having the nerves to challenge or direct us Malaysians living in Malaysia to fight for our rights, calling us names and so on as if they are living above the rest yet they themselves take the easy way out by leaving the country.

Com’on, if you are so great and so concern of your home country, you should be here to fight for what you think is good and not talk cock and “directing” the people here to do whatever you think that should be done by hiding outside the country! Talk is cheap, anyone can talk. Can you do it? You can’t. Also, commented us for being stupid and so on. You sure have your rights of speech but I do no respect people like you and I’m sure other Malaysians won’t appreciate your 2 cents too. We don’t have to hear from cowards like you.

Just like what some people said, “kalau tidak suka, keluar!“, keluarlah you go… If you can afford it, then why not, right? If you can’t, how? You will have to fight for your survival here. For those that manage to keluar, you don’t have to look down on those who can’t afford to do it, you should salute them for having the guts to stay back unlike you, they are stronger than you are, they make the unfavourable situation works for them. No matter how fuck up their country is, it’s still home for them.

Lastly, hope all of you have a great holiday. It’s back to work again tomorrow.

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  • 1 William // Aug 31, 2010 at 8:17 pm

    I am one of those cowards people that you mentioned. I see no light of Malaysia being changed. Malaysia practise democracy. Democracy in Malaysia simply means that majority rule. There is no place for humanity and human right. It is Malay right. Chinese and Indians are having their right compromised. I left for my children as I don’t want them to go through what I went through. Nw we appreciate a country which respect our right even we are foreign born. We are treated equally and with respect. I am proud to call Australia home.

  • 2 sweet surrender // Aug 31, 2010 at 9:01 pm

    William, I don’t think what you do is being a coward, you move out because of survival. You do have a point but still not enough to make you a coward, I’m sure many non-Malays agree with it.

    I’m referring to people that already see Malaysia has no hope yet still have the nerves of challenge or look down or directing people here on what we should do and so on as if they are oh so mighty that everything they say is right and calling people living here as idiots as I’ve encountered quite many of them. As if they know everything yet they are not living in the midst of us. The one that know everything are those that live right here, right now and experience whatever sh*t now.

    I have no respect to such kind people because they don’t even respect the others. It doesn’t matter which country you are from or residing or whatever citizenship you are, you should at least have respect for the people that are staying there. The country doesn’t work for them that’s why they leave but it works for others. So they have no rights to look down on people in the country or think that they are very mighty and living above the rest and arrogant because they move out of the country and they forget that there are people that are struggling here to fight for their survival.

    As for humanity and human right, I disagree with that. It’s just a matter of having more or less but not none. If none, then I won’t be having this blog, you and I won’t even be here at all, we got no chance to be alive now. You will also have no chance to have your own family and able to make decision to move out because you won’t exist in the first place.

    It’s good that you finally found a place that you can call home unlike so many out there that don’t even have a citizenship.

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