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Happy Birthday to Me…

September 4th, 2021 · Nobody Surrendered

One last one for the decade. New decade starts next year *LOL* Gosh… How time flies?!? 3 series will be over in one year time. Hitting 4 series… *HORROR* *LOL* Hmmm… I wrote a post on my Instagram but I cannot embed it here. Apparently WordPress.org doesn’t support such thing anymore sigh… So… I’ll just copy paste it here… Post link is here https://www.instagram.com/p/CTY_cRkvi6r/

Another year older… The last one for this series. New series will start next year. So much had happened for the decade. Wishes that I made early in the decade didn’t materialise. I’m glad they didn’t. I won’t want to be where I wished for at time like this. So… Careful with what you wish. I never make any wish until 10 years ago. It ended with disappointment after disappointment. Not a good idea haha… Just go with the flow and don’t force on it. That’s the way to go.

Moved to Adelaide to do my Masters for 2 years in 2011. In between, spent a month in Busan, thanks to a scholarship. Back to Kuching 2 years later. Joined 4 companies from small one with less than 5 staff to as big as 200 over staff. From private companies to GLC. From IT to education to hospitality to tourism. Visited 10 foreign countries. Everyone is doing well at home. What is there to ask for? It is all good. 🙏 Not gonna trade anything for it.

How long more are we going to stuck in this situation? I don’t know… If the chain doesn’t break, don’t dream about it. You’ll end up with deadlier situation as it is going to mutate all it wants. Rather than endemic, it will mean real “end” by then. So? Oh well… Kong pun bo yong…

No cake for this year. My order had to be cancelled due to the virus. Nothing appealed to me at the bakery too. As if I went to many. Just one only 🤣 Anyway, no problem. I’ll bake my own next week hahaha…

Happy birthday to myself and thank you for the wishes 🎂 Stay safe and have a good day.

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