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Hitz.fm Birthday Invasion LIVE Concert 2013

October 9th, 2013 · 1 Surrendered

Hitz.fm Birthday Invasion LIVE Concert 2013 happened on 28th September 2013 at Taylors University Lakeside Campus. I was one of the media invited from East Malaysia to cover the event. Firs time ever! It was one unforgetable experience for sure! Just going to show you the photos, not sure how to elaborate too hahaha…

These guys… I’m sure Hitz.fm listeners know who they are.

The concert goers ready to party!!!

Enstranged performed 3 songs.

James Baum also performed 3 songs.

Bananaaaah! Potato-naaaaah! I’m sure you know who these yellow dudes are. The Minions! They were really disoriented, bumping into each other on stage. Cute!

They Will Kill Us All. Yes, it’s not wrong, they called themselves “They Will Kill Us All”.

Left: Backstage interview with They Will Kill Us All. Luckily we came out alive *LOL*
Right: Project EAR.

Left: K-Town-Clan.
Right: Mizz Nina.

There were more performing but these were those that I managed to take photos of. We were basically coming in and out of the backstage else we would sit there and enjoy the music.

Last but not least, Chester See! *LOL* With the Minions too!

Finally, the end of my event coverage trip that happened 2 weeks ago. I started off September going to KL for the weekend and ended September going to KL for the weekend again. One interesting birthday month.

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