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How Many Credit Card Do You Have?

May 13th, 2007 · Nobody Surrendered

You have credit cards right? How many do you have? I only have one and it’s a subsidiary card hahaha… Does this count? I seldom use my credit card. I don’t have the reason to use it too. Usually I pay cash and I don’t buy very expensive stuffs. Therefore cash is enough to make payment.

Since I’m not the one paying the credit card’s bill, so I don’t think it’s for me to use unless when it’s really necessary. Usually I only use my card when eating out or shopping with my family when my dad asked me to pay with the sub-card he gave me or when need to refuel the car(as if I’m the one who always refuel the car 😛 So far I have never refuel the car on my own *LOL*)

I’m wondering, what makes you apply to certain credit card? Is it because of the 0% balance transfers, the 0% credit cards purchases, prizes, low interest, cash back or rewards etc.? Share with me since I have never apply one before.

*Thos post is brought to you by Credit Cards GB*

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