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I Want Double Eyelids! (2)

March 8th, 2008 · 1 Surrendered

Previously I bought a pack of double eyelid tape from Guardian, finally finished using it.

Now I bought one from Yin Hoo(a catalogue that sells many things ranging from toys to to accessories to makeup to apparels). I’m sure many of you are familiar with this. I’m sure most girls ever buy from it, it’s quite popular back then in primary and secondary school. The stuff are very very cheap! However, the processing and shipping of orders will take about a month.

Back to the eyelid tape, it’s less than RM3, I don’t remember the actual price. Didn’t know how it looked like, I just bought it since it’s cheap. The previous one I bought from Guardian was RM5.80. When I opened it up, I noticed that this is the type that I usually resent from buying in the market! Well… Since it’s cheap, I didn’t really bother. It’s quite big piece compare to Guardian’s. It’s not curved too. I was wondering how can it be used on the eyelid like this!??!

I decided to try it out. It’s so much easier to apply that the one I bought previously! It’s not obvious on the eyelids(picture on the left, the small arrow pointing to the eyelid tape). You don’t have to apply eyeshadows to cover it unlike the previous one. The effect is much more natural than the previous one too. However, when I applied eyeshadow, it’s not that easy to get the colour to stay on it, you had to apply quite a lot of layer to balance the colour on the tape and on your on eyelid.

I’m sure you are wondering why I need to use it. I have double eyelid but it’s not obvious. Sometimes my right eyelid will “drop”(don’t know how to explain) and make my eyes looked one big, one small hahaha… I usually used it when there is a function to attend or in the mood for full makeup during the time when my eyelid on my right eye “dropped” :P, if not I won’t be using it. Just once in a blue moon…

That’s all about it. You can learn how to apply double eyelid tape here…

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