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I’m OK

March 13th, 2009 · Nobody Surrendered

Deprived of Internet for more than 12 hours and finally decided to call them up and guess what?!?! Session hang!! Should have call them earlier. What to do? All these while called them and never got it fixed instantly so don’t feel like calling anymore who knows…

Anyway, let’s go to the main topic ;p

Ever since 2009, I’ve been getting many MSN messages or from friends asking me whether I’m OK or not coz they saw my emo-emo posts in my blog or Twitter or Facebook.

Every single message that I got started with, “Are you OK?”

Then every single time, my respond would be, “What do you think? You think I’m OK or not? Hahaha…”

Don’t worry my friends, I know you all care for me. I’m OK 🙂 Nothing wrong. I can post it out means I’m OK, if I can’t then you might have to start worrying *LOL*

So… Yea… I’m OK. Even though I will emo-emo for a while for the time being, I’m still OK. You are welcome to see me emo-emo here *LOL* Don’t worry.

Actually, I’m running out of topic for the time being hahaha…

Oh… It’s Black Friday today!

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