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Inner and Outer Sun Protection with NUViT

May 28th, 2020 · Nobody Surrendered

I’ve tried a new sun care product recently. Even though it’s MCO, we stay at home but we are still exposed to harmful UV and blue light radiation. Hence, don’t be lazy with sunscreen application. I apply sunscreen daily even when I’m not going out. It’s a must for me or else my morning skincare routine will not be completed. Aside from that, I will have my daily Vitamin C supplement too.

NUViT has it all covered!

NUViT Daily Defender SPF50+***(RM55.90) with 360° Invisible Shield is non-greasy, lightweight, moisturizing, long-lasting, not sticky, and soothing. There is no paraben, fragrance, or alcohol in it. The key ingredients are Pollushield™, Ceramide, Laminaria, Ochroleuca Extract, and Hyaluronic Acid. All these ingredients can protect from UVA and UVB damage which cause photo-aging; anti-pollution to protect against urban dust and reduce metal imbedding into skin; reduce oxidative stress in skin cause by blue light and boost collagen production; restore skin barrier; and moisturize skin.

I’ve been using it daily. It doesn’t break me out. Fast absorbing with velvety finish. Use it as the last step of morning skincare routine by applying it evenly on the face and neck.

As for defense from within to complement the sunscreen, you can drink NUViT Sunblox(RM80) daily. It helps in reducing sunburn effect, skin aging, and skin damage from UV radiation while maintaining skin elasticity. Best to drink in the morning. It contains Vitamin C and collagen that are known to improve body’s defense system while improve other aspects of skin. This nutritional orange and lemon flavor beverage has no sugar, fat, preservatives, and artificial colouring added.

The key ingredients are 2000mg Collagen Tripeptide to maintain skin elasticity; 300mg Vitamin C to boost immunity; while clinically proven NutroxSun™ and Polypodium Leucotomos Extract are plant-based strong antioxidants that protect skin from UV ray free radicals.

Mix 1 sachet with 180ml room temperature water and stir well. Consume 1 sachet daily. I do like the taste, not too sweet, not too sour. You can add honey to enhance the sweetness but it’s sweet enough for me. Remember to really stir it well and drink it immediately as it will oxidize. By the way, in general, collagen supplement is beneficial, I experienced good effect from it, I had less breakouts and hair loss was less too. I believe Sunblox will do the same.

If you would like to learn more about NUViT Daily Defender and Sunblox or their other products, do check out their social media account, Instagram and Facebook @NUViTmy

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