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Inter-Cultural Mooncake Festival 2007

September 23rd, 2007 · 6 Surrendered

Went to Carpenter Street on Friday night. Took some photos but mostly not clear. It’s was so hot and humid because of the stupid haze! This event will end on the 25th September, started on 19th. It’s quite short compare to previous years.

Left: Riddle called “deng mi” in Chinese. So many people there trying to solve the riddle.
Right: So many people!!! Celcom was doing promotion there too. See the “x” in the middle of the photo? They walked around with that thing to promote. So funny.

Left: Some stalls.
Right: The lanterns at the temple. Light up the temple, very colourful.

This was quite funny, the guy wore the mask and trying to grab the attention of those walking below. Then out of sudden so many cameras pointed at him. When everyone done taking photos, I went closer and he posed for me, so funny. He sure does like to camwhore, see the “v” sign that he displayed. Hahaha…

Left: Walking musicians, they walked to everywhere, anywhere to entertain people around with English oldies.
Right: Maison Monica Academy has a stall there that provide haircut for only RM1(if I’m not mistaken). They are done by the students, the familair faces that I saw at Circle of Amour Snow Queen Contest. I mean the stylists not the models 😛

At the Old Court House.
Left: Some rides for the children.
Right: The bonsai exhibition.

Left: Bonsais and the trophies.
Right: Decorations around the Old Court House.

Left: Art exhibition by young artists. This year, no camera is allowed. Why? That’s why I couldn’t show you any photos.
Right:The Harmony Arch.

Left: BBQ vegetables.
Right: Hehehe… Saw the colourful balloon among the red lanterns.

That’s all for Friday night.

Went there yesterday afternoon for the Largest Charity Mooncake Sale.

Managed to take some photos of the art exhibition but taken through the glass. It’s not open during day time and no food selling during day time also.

Lastly, there are also have some stalls that let you play some games to win some prizes. You haveto pay of course.

Basically, that’s all about the this year Inter-Cultural Mooncake Festival.

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  • 1 yin // Sep 23, 2007 at 2:45 pm

    wah!!!! Looks like this year’s mooncake festival at Carpernter street more happening ar….I went the past two years, but nothing ler…will be looking forward to going to this year’s one ^_^

  • 2 sweet surrender // Sep 23, 2007 at 2:53 pm

    yin, must quickly go… Will end soon…

  • 3 Alex // Sep 24, 2007 at 8:24 am

    Wah so happening one kah? Went there the first 2 nights, not many people go. Saturday wasn’t that packed as well. Managed to talked to a few of them during the day time. And all of them wish that it didn’t rain.. Business dropped a lot this year they said. And also there weren’t as many stalls like they used to in the past previous years 😛 oh well. it’s all good.

  • 4 Gallivanter // Sep 24, 2007 at 9:52 am

    Yeah, what’s with the “lembik” camwhore pose? And the dude next to him must’ve lost a bet for not being able to bask in the “limelight”. 😛

  • 5 Wilson // Sep 24, 2007 at 1:58 pm

    oh my…
    the booze gathering organizer is here commenting…
    irene… u sure so famous… after ur catscity clique…
    summore if i not mistaken u got someone a new domain n hosting as well…

  • 6 sweet surrender // Sep 24, 2007 at 2:12 pm

    Alex, yeap… business isn’t good this year, summore only 7 days -.-” poor them…

    Gllivanter, hahaha… True 😛

    Wilson, aiyoo… He’s here since long time ago before the booze party. *LOL* I got someone new hosting and domain? Who? I come I don’t know one… Hahaha…

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