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It’s PINK!!

November 21st, 2009 · 1 Surrendered

My sports shoes gave up on me when I went for HfH project last year. Since then, I never bother to get one as I seldom wear them and I don’t need them.

Then, recently I went to the gym few times but still didn’t bother to get a pair as I don’t see that I will be going again in near future *LOL* There’s free gym membership for me to redeem but I’m still not in a hurry to get a pair. Getting one is the last thing in my list.

Now… I HAVE to get one! No more excuse because I need it tomorrow. Decided to stop by Bata after my facial to hunt for my sports shoes. It didn’t take long for me to make my purchase, I just headed to the section, roughly browsed tru’ and ended up with a pink+grey sports shoes!

Crazy me! Of all the colours, I ended up with a pink one! I don’t like pink yet I got pink. In fact, I didn’t bother about the colour, I was some sort of colour blind that time and just grabbed whatever in front of me without thinking. Even when trying, I didn’t bother about the colour, all I bothered was whether it’s too big or too small for me *LOL* Only when I reached home, I scrutinized the shoes and realized that it’s PINK! Holy Molly! It’s PINK!

I spent RM50 for this pair. Actually it’s RM49.99, that’s the cheapest I could find there ;p

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