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J Restaurant

September 27th, 2011 · 1 Surrendered

A coursemate treated us for a dinner before exam. We’re all slaving away in the computer pool before that. When dinner time came, we all went for dinner at J Restaurant serves Cantonese cuisine. It is located at Grote Street. Same row as Time Supermarket. When I reached there I was like OMG-this-is-gonna-be-expensive! The interior looked so posh!

There were 4 of us and these were the food we ordered. Will try my best to identify them as I wasn’t the one who ordered the food. Didn’t bring my camera too so I used my phone to take the photos, that explains the horrible colour of the photos.

Left: This is Sauteed Potato, Eggplant and Capsicum ($10.80). I love this! There’s a balance of sweet and salty also I love potato and capsicum. Yummy!

Right: Ox Tripe with Chilli and Soy Sauce ($6.80). I don’t remember it’s spicy or not. I guess it’s not spicy enough to make me remember the spiciness hahaha…

Left: Cucumber and Black Fungus with Garlic Sauce ($4.80).

Right: Half Shanghai Style Crispy Duck ($16.80), Best eaten hot and with the sauce. Once it’s cold it can be pretty oily.

Left: Steamed Pipis and Egg Dish ($12.80), quite salty but great to eat with rice.

Overall the food was not bad and the prices of the food were reasonable. In fact, the food we had can actually fed 5 or 6 people instead of 4.

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