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Juice Bar & Nyonya Food @ Food Bazaar, tHe Spring

September 18th, 2009 · 2 Surrendered

Went to have lunch at Food Bazaar, tHe Spring on Monday with my sis. Actually was asked to go over and happened that we need to buy some stuffs there and I have something to discuss so I agreed to it.

The newly set up juice bar by The Jooz Artists! Want something healthy? Why don’t try this out. We tried 3 types of juices but you only see 2 here coz I forgot to take the photo of another drink.

The one on the left is dragon fruit mix with another 2 fruits (I only remember lime was added hehehe…). It’s sourish and refreshing enough however it took me a bit of time to get used to the taste.

The one on the right is mango juice mix with 1 type of fruit. The mango is from Ming Kiong Garden, the famous mango garden in Kuching. The mango is indeed good.

The other one we had (not in the picture) was lychee+apple. Sweet and sour, quite refreshing too.

The fruit juice starts at RM3 and you can mix various fruits for your juice. Extra charge applies.

Only 2 of us yet we had 3 cups of ice blended fruit juice. WAH! You can imagine that hahaha… I visited almost every floor of the toilet at tHe Spring *LOL* Had lots of vitamin C that day, so healthy!

The nyonya stall is relocated to the other corner. We had nyonya food that day. Craving for home cook food, you can have your fix here. The food changes everyday, so do not expect to get what you see here when you are there.

You only need to add RM1(the price should be still the same as what I had last time hehehe… Forgot to ask) for the rice and this is not your normal plain white rice(obviously ;p). This rice is not cheap in the market.

Left: Kacangma, I was told there’s no water added but pure wine. It’s my first time having pure wine kacangma, not bad, it didn’t make me drunk *LOL*

Right: Vegetable curry, I quite like this. The green pieces are mani chai, the yellowish pieces are pumpkin and the orange coloured pieces are sweet potato(if I’m not mistaken ;p or is it carrot?)

Left: Lamb rendang, not bad.

Right: Iban brinjal aka la kia kio fish. I’m not really into fish cook in soup but I love the brinjal a lot!

Left: Kangkong with garlic. We always cook our kangkong this way at home.

Right: One of the Nyonya kuehs available there. This is steamed tapioca with coconut.

Left: If I’m not mistaken, this is sago kueh.

Right: Onde-onde aka ondeh-ondeh.

The kuehs are sweet but the sweetness is not the sugary of sweetness. I’m not really into sweet things but the sweetness here is acceptable to me. If I’m not mistaken, they’re selling at 80 sen per piece.

CRAP! I just had my dinner and now I’m hungry again -.-“

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  • 1 ahlost // Sep 26, 2009 at 5:45 pm

    how much was the total damage at Nyonya?

  • 2 sweet surrender // Sep 26, 2009 at 6:03 pm

    ahlost, don’t know ar… *LOL* People’s treat also. Agak agak it’s between RM30-40.

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