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Just Feel Like Sharing…

June 18th, 2009 · 12 Surrendered

Hoping that you will have a good laugh over it also ;p It’s a very very long text post, so if you want to ignore it, it’s up to you.

This happened yesterday. I got a phone call from some very “smart” people asking for the service that I’m providing. Most of you know what I’m working as. If you don’t know, it’s all right, might get the hint here, I’ll just summarize the whole thing as the story is really loooong coz the phone conversation was really loooooong yet it’s repeating.

I will refer this person as TK, he is from VE. *LOL* I’m not going to give you his full name and company’s name coz I’m not here to make enemy and don’t want to get into trouble with such “smart” people. Also I’m not that bad in wanting people to close shop.

What you see here are not the exact words, I’m just summarizing, it sounded something like that.
(words that I want to say the polite way or things that run in my mind)
[words that the bitch in me wants to say but I’m doing self-censor for the sake of the readers of this blog hahaha…]

Me: Hello…

TK: Are you Irene?

Me: Yes…

TK: I want to ask you about the service you provide.

Me: Sorry to tell you that we no longer provide such service.

TK: My client showed me your service and asked me to get it from you and now you tell me you don’t provide such service?

Me: Very sorry about that. Is it for personal site or corporate site? This service is only for personal sites.

TK: I help you to advertise your service and now you have the nerve to tell me you no longer provide? How am I going to tell me my client?!!?

Me: Advertise for us?
(I never ask anyone to help me sell such service, why you so kaypo? I thought if you are helping us selling our service, you should contact us so that we can work something out together, no?)
[SIAO AR! Who wants you to help us advertise?!?!]

TK: YES! Now you tell me you don’t provide such service. If you don’t provide why do you still have it in your site?!?!

Me: Didn’t you see there is “terms and conditions apply” there? This will mean if anyone wants this service, they should contact us first to know more about the terms and conditions and so on.
[It’s my product, I can decide who I want to sell it to and who I don’t want to sell it to. I don’t like you so I don’t want to sell it to you, so what? Sue me?]

TK: What is there to contact?!?! You already put there you provide such service, people will directly subscribe to it. Why need to call to ask? This is a website! NOW! You said terms and conditions, I don’t see any. Tell me your terms and conditions.

Me: One of terms and conditions is while stock last.
(If you don’t contact the service provider, how are they going to register the service for you? They don’t have your details. Even if the site supports online payment, you still have to submit your details before making payment.)

TK: That is not it! This is not terms and conditions.

I started to tremble. Not trembling in fear but trembling in anger. You know how a volcano behaves when it wants to erupt? Luckily I kept my cool and didn’t blurt out anything foul or bad ;p I’m a lady, I must have proper manner. *LOL*

Me: Why not? If there is still stock we surely will sell it to you, there is no more how to sell to you?
(One very funny example, a hotel is fully booked, you went in and demanded for a room. They insisted that there’s no more room but you kept demand for one, they felt that you are very irritating and annoying and finally gave you a room. Did you know that you are sharing the room with many “good friends” aka spirits & ghosts. The moral of the story is, never ever demand a room from a hotel that is fully booked. Hahaha… I’m sure you heard of advice like this. Same thing goes to other products, if people don’t want to sell you something, it’s either the thing isn’t in good condition or they are really out of stock.)
[WTF! People tell you no more stock means no more stock la! Bark so much for what? You thought you bark so much I can cough out one for you meh? Don’t you understand what no more stock is?]

TK: I’ve done so many websites for people and this is the first time I have to deal with people so dishonest like you! You are cheating people money! You listed all your bank accounts in there and want people to bank in money to your bank account and then you tell them you no more provide such service? This is not cheating is what?!?!

At this point, I don’t feel like talking to him anymore. When I’m angry, I know the bitch will come out of me if I am going to give another new phrase or reason with him, the words won’t be nice. That’s why if I’m angry, usually I’ll keep quiet unless I’m super duper piss that I cannot control my own mouth, then you might be able to hear my very extensive vocabulary of foul words that I myself don’t even know they exist ;p To protect my reputation, I decided to just give him the same old answer over and over again.

Me: It stated there, terms and conditions apply, so whoever wants it should contact us for more details and to get confirmation before anything.
(Since you’re in this industry, you should know how the process is and this site is not an e-commerce site, how we cheat money? What’s more, listing banking details and payment methods in the site is widely practice by people providing such service. Contact numbers and contact form are there for you to contact the service provider and to make confirmation before paying. You don’t pay for a service before you get confirmation. This is just a static site, you should know how it works. Since you are in this field how can you don’t know? People can’t bank in money to us without letting us know, even if they did they will follow up with us and we can always refund it. If we want to cheat, why do we put our company details and even bank accounts for you to see?)
[You so stupid meh? Are you sure you’re in this industry ar? You so dumb to bank in money to people before getting the confirmation meh?]

TK: You know what? I don’t think I can even do business with people so dishonest like you and without intergrity. I am trying to teach you how to do business the correct way. If you do not provide the service anymore, don’t list it there! This is called cheating. I can report police about this you know!?!

Me: Ok… yes, yes, Thank you. You are right, thank you for your feedback and advice.
[Hello!? I ever said I want to do business with you meh? I got cheat your money ar? I didn’t even get a cent from you and I told you no more stock from the beginning, I got cheat you ar? If I cheat you I will tell you, we have the stock, bank in the money. Did I say that?]

TK: You don’t get my point! You are cheating people this way. This is not the way to do it!

Me: *the bitch in me almost got out* Why are you so emotional?
[I got your point, you said that I’m cheating and I even thanked you for your “valuable” business advice you moroon!]

TK: I’m not emotional. I’m telling you what you are doing is wrong blah blah blah blah blah…

Basically, he’s repeating.

Me: All right. I understand, yes, you are right, thank you for your feedback.

TK: You put your bank account there later people just bank in the money to you how??!?! I’m giving you advice and teach you that what you’re doing is wrong. People can report to police about your dishonest act! They can report about you cheating people money!

Me: *kept quiet, really didn’t see the point to say anything coz he will sure repeat his “advice”*
[Eh Ah Pek! Done with your points? Kept repeating. What else you want me to do? No stock then no stock la, told you from the beginning no stock. I didn’t ask you to pay me any money.]

TK: *raised his voice even higher* I will advertise and tell people your company is cheating people. OK! I WILL BANK IN RM50 TO YOUR BANK ACCOUNT LATER AND REPORT TO THE POLICE! *slammed the phone*

(WAH! That is very smart and childish of him.)

I checked back the number and found out that it’s a fixed line number. I gave my partner a call and told him about it and gave him the number maybe he will know who the person was. As you notice, I didn’t manage to get the name of the person. We suspected that it might be some competitors that got jealous of us.

Then I decided to Google the phone number and I found it! All hail the search engine! It’s from a local company that is in different industry and it’s not our competitors at all. It happened that I have quite a number of close contacts from this industry, so I gave a friend in this industry a call to ask him whether he knew this person or not.

OMG! You know what I got? This person is really a sucker! Many people in his industry don’t like him. He was even one of the partners of my friend’s company years back. Talking about business integrity, he is the one who doesn’t have it. My friend told me not to bother about what he said, he won’t do anything, what he has is just a big mouth and he’s the kind that everything-he-said-is-correct. My friend could even give me all the list of works that person had done in PAGES!

The one cheating is obviously him. He’s not from the same industry as I am, he didn’t even help me advertise my service, there is no such thing that he provides such service to people coz he doesn’t even know how to maintain a website don’t even say build one. He wants the site for himself as his service provider doesn’t want to work with him anymore.

So my friends who are in the same industry as I am, this person might be looking you up for your service, be prepared to deal with people like this. ;p

WOW! Talking about reputation, honesty and integrity eh?

How funny can this be? Really can’t help it, that’s why I want to share it with you. This is the first time I got such call also.

I am so glad that my product is out of stock, if there’s stock, I will have to deal with this person’s nonsense for a year and yet the money is so little -.-”

Also, Kuching is very small, beware with what you are doing. News travel fast and you will be the talk of the town. If it’s good, then you are sure to make it big; if it’s bad, good luck to you!

Luckily I kept my cool coz it’s not worth it to fight with such people. It’s just a waste of time and energy and I will be the ugly loser if I fought with him. Phew… Sometimes becoming a “victim” makes you a winner. ;p

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  • 1 Ann // Jun 18, 2009 at 11:37 pm

    *LOL* I hope he reads this…

  • 2 norman // Jun 19, 2009 at 12:38 am

    Hahaha, LoLs! What a sucker…

    Don’t care about him la..

  • 3 Jessica // Jun 19, 2009 at 9:12 am

    ya irene, don’t bother about him.. he sucks!!

    and can you give a little definition about the word “stock” he mentioned?

  • 4 lee // Jun 19, 2009 at 9:36 am

    that’s the most idiot person in kuching, irene, mine to place my account number on your “site” there? so i can get RM50 free from “that” idiot too! that “idiot”, no no no , i mean that “childish”, if find you trouble again, just bull shit him and slam the phone. no point to explain too much, waste phone line fees, hurt own mood, bring no benefit!

  • 5 lee // Jun 19, 2009 at 9:46 am

    “TK: You put your bank account there later people just bank in the money to you how??!?! I’m giving you advice and teach you that what you’re doing is wrong. People can report to police about your dishonest act! They can report about you cheating people money!”

    the above phase is gad dam bull shit!, why? i got my company account number appear every single invoice and request quotation, anybody in this malaysia are so dam idiot when saw my account number will bank-in RM100,000 money for me???? if like that can happen, i think irene better place another of my account number to it so, i can also freely get some money too

  • 6 sweet surrender // Jun 19, 2009 at 11:16 am

    Ann, I hope he doesn’t *LOL* Later got more trouble coz he wants to teach me again this time on blogging *LOL*

    norman, yea… it’s just so funny, such kind of people.

    jessica, it’s a web package.

    lee, that’s why lo. We were thinking, wah if put bank account out ppl will just give you money how nice? Really siao, no sane people will do that, simply give ppl money without knowing what you are paying for -.-“

  • 7 Alex // Jun 19, 2009 at 1:20 pm

    Lol.. Kesian.. Haha.. Oh well. Life’s short and no point getting frustrated for nothing 😉

  • 8 sweet surrender // Jun 19, 2009 at 1:54 pm

    Alex, hehehe… Indeed, this kind of people is such a waste of time.

  • 9 Cyril // Jun 24, 2009 at 10:03 pm

    biasalah.. he is just trying to piss you off. He has no proof.

  • 10 sweet surrender // Jun 24, 2009 at 10:12 pm

    cyril, he is not trying to piss me off, he is desperate to proof that he is right *LOL* kiasu ;p

  • 11 ahlost // Jun 27, 2009 at 1:39 pm

    he eat full nth to do har? *LOL*

  • 12 sweet surrender // Jun 27, 2009 at 7:05 pm

    ahlost, should be lo… That time was lunch time. So maybe he ate too full, no place to release energy so release his energy on the phone *LOL*

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