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Kado Cafe

November 22nd, 2008 · 3 Surrendered

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It was silly, very silly.

Kado Cafe provided free refreshments on their soft opening few weeks back but somebody thought that it’s at Ang Cheng Ho all these while and went to Ang Cheng Ho to look for it. We scoured the whole Ang Cheng Ho and we saw nothing!

Later we found out that it’s actually at the last shoplot behind Public Bank(the one near Lok Thian) at Padungan, Jalan Chan Bee Kiew. You say silly or not? Missed the free refreshments ;p

Anyway, finally got chance to pay Kado Cafe a visit. It’s located upstair of a coffeeshop(don’t remember the name *LOL*).

The entrance, all the way up to the cafe. You’ll be greeted by bright colours wall and colourful decors.

Then, you’ll be greeted by the last brightness(the big jar and some fake plants). The brightness turns into darkness(not that dark but kinda dark for me ;p).

You will feel as if you are sitting somewhere outdoor or some street corner with street lights, fake plants and a water feature. At the same time, you’ll also feel like it’s indoor. Very confusing hahaha…

No air-con installed but lots of ceiling fans. It’s not hot at all, the windows were opened too. Wonder how if it rains heavily hmmm… I don’t see how the air can venitlate if the windows are closed with only the ceiling fans on.

The menus, separate menu for drinks and food.

Drinks, we ordered papaya juice and watermelon juice(RM3/each). No sugar added, pure fruit juice and wasn’t strained. We were given a shot glass with syrup in case we want our juice to be sweeter. To me, original is the best, no sugar added. However, it’s good too as people can adjust the sweetness as they like.

For snacks, we ordered chicken popcorn(RM8). When we saw the price, we were quite relunctant to order because it’s quite pricey. It’s more expensive or almost the same price as the appetizers or main courses but when it came, the portion could be considered big, so RM8 is quite OK. The chicken popcorn was sprinkled with lots of salt and black pepper. It tasted not so bad at first, then the more you eat the more salty it became. If they can just reduce the salt a bit then it would be better.

They serve western and some Chinese food. Price range can be consider in the lower medium range. Great place for hanging out. The place is actually quite spacious. One more thing, the toilet is spacious too! ;p

Will definitely go there again.

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  • 1 onineko // Nov 22, 2008 at 7:16 pm

    eeee… nice place..cool setting..saw it the other day bt dint went in cz was going to imperial duck to hav lunch..XD

  • 2 sweet surrender // Nov 23, 2008 at 10:54 am

    yea quite a nice place

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