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October 26th, 2013 · Nobody Surrendered

This post is supposed to post in June but I only got the mood to experiment with it recently. Was lucky to be one of those bloggers who got hold of KATE GOLDISH EYES, one of the latest eye makeup palettes from Kate. It was launched in May 2013.

KATE GOLDISH EYES contains two unique gold pearl powders – Real Gold Pearl, a pure gold pearl powder with 0.1% 24k REAL GOLD, and Nuance Gold Pearl, a bright pearl powder with a hint of gold. Combined in a beautiful eyeshadow palette, the two powders create a gorgeous shimmer that is glamorous and sophisticated. KATE GOLDISH EYES blends well with all skin tones to create stunning eyes.

Remember KATE’s event that I blogged about?

I was given with PK-1 while another one which I won was also PK-1. What’s the odd of getting two same palettes? I found out other bloggers got different colours, lucky them. Hence, I can only talk about PK-1 which is pink.

Top left to top right: Shiny gold(D) and soft beige(A)
Bottom left to right: Deep brown(B) and color gold(C)

A: Soft beige
B: Deep brown
C: Color gold (there are 4 colours to choose, mine is pink. Other choices are blue, gold, and white)
D: Shiny gold

The colour doesn’t look obvious right? What to do? The palette I was given was in natural tone. It’s actually what I like. However, I was hoping I can get another either white or gold. Not blue for me… I just don’t look good in that and it’s hard to match.

You don’t see I mark A in the photo as I was using it as base so it’s covered by B, C, D. However, soft beige can be good to be used alone to brighten up your eyes and achieve the no makeup look but only apply minimally, not too much.

The shiny gold is pretty impressive and versatile. Just a dab on the middle of your eyelid for the day look or to go to work while you can layer more to transform it into night look for that finishing touch.

Can you see the shiny gold effect? Without it, my eyes won’t pop and look bigger. Even the photo on the left that was taken with my phone was able to capture it.

While for color gold, I used it for highlight under the edge of my brow most of the time. You can also use it for the entire lid.

This is my original eyes LOL… No double eyelid tape. With my hidden double eyelids, it’s just too hard to play around with eye shadows, can’t even see the colour. Also makes my eyes look heavy on the top, flat, small, and tired. With a dab of shiny gold, it managed to give my eyes a bit of life and dimension.

Let’s see how eye makeup trend transformed from 2008-2013:
2008: Deep and contoured
2012: Colourless, clear, and contoured
2013: Sophisticated eye makeup combining gold colour with other colours

Nevertheless, for me, these trends are timeless. I love looking natural than having so much colour on my face.

My verdict? I absolutely love KATE GOLDISH EYES! Just this one box, you can take it from the day to night to anywhere. The retail price is RM59.

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