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KL Trip – Day 3(19.1.2006)

January 24th, 2006 · Nobody Surrendered

Started the morning with Uncle Lim’s again, ordered the same stuff but a change of drink, soybean drink+cincau. The soybean drink tasted very homey.

After breakfast, we went to shop around Time Square and managed to buy some clothes. Then we checked out around 11.30am. Then shopped again.

Around 1pm we made a moved to KL Plaza where we’ll be staying for the next few days. Gosh… 1 bathroom only and 4 of us had to share! It’s not as classy as Time Square. So much difference!
After that, we went to KLCC. Had lunch at the food court, Sushi King. Couldn’t take any photos there as it’s a no-camera zone. You are only allowed to use your camera at the concourse, ground floor and (can’t remember where else ;p).

Couldn’t really shop there but bought a 50% discount blouse from Isetan.

After KLCC, we went to Sungei Wang as it’s not easy to shop at KLCC, everything were priced so damn high end. Seeing all the price tags like RM400 and above for a simple dress/shirt/skirt/blouse etc. *faint* how to buy? I’m not a millionaire or billionaire daughter/gf/wife LOL… Maybe last time I could but even if I could I don’t think I would spend the money like that. Gah… money is not meant to be spent like this!!! There are better things for it!

We had our dinner at Sungei Wang, at one of the chinese restaurant there. I don’t know the name ;p We had frog legs, soup, kangkong, fish and pork. I don’t know about the prices and the actual names for all of them.

So… that’s the end of day 3. Very boring huh? Nothing special. An uneventful trip. Lucky it was this way. I hate eventful trip hahaha…

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