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Kuching International Airport

September 15th, 2006 · Nobody Surrendered


We are going to Kuching International Airport today!!

Sent my sister off to UK this afternoon(I’m going to UK for holiday next year!!! 😛 Just a plan, don’t know got enough money or not hahaha…) and took the opportunity to tour the airport and took some pictures of the newly renovated airport.

Top and bottom left: The departure hall entrance.
Bottom right: You can buy some stuff here. Chocolates, perfumes, clothings etc.

This is where you check in your luggage. MAS check-in counters.

The whole picture of the departure hall. The chairs provided weren’t enough. We had to stand most of the time. Some had to sit here(right picture). What kind of impression given to people? They should have more seats!

Left: Air Aisa check-in counters.
Right: Escalators and staircase that connecting the departure and arrival halls. Departure is upstair and arrival downstair.

We look for the viewing gallery hoping that we can see the the runways and aeroplanes and the view of people waiting to board the planes. We walked towards the end and it was disappointing enough!!! You call this international airport?!?!!? It’s so small, the viewing gallery is so SMALL!!! It’s almost the same width as my bedroom!! *faint* You can only see Terminal 1-4 and can only see one plane right in front of you! AMAZING!! Don’t you think? *shake head*

The arrival hall. There’s a convenience store.
Bottom right: The exterior of arrival hall.

Left: Another angle of the arrival hall’s exterior.
Right: Carparks.

Some views from the outside of the airport.

Hmmm… there are still parts of the airport under renovation. It’s not completed yet. Oh… the enquiry counter seemed empty for the 1 and half hour I’m there.

That’s about it. Our international airport with not much international flights coming in and out as they were all axed such as direct flight to Perth and Frankfurt. I’m really not sure to be proud of it or not? Personally I’m pretty disappointed with it. Maybe I had put too much expectations on it.

Again… Welcome to KIA!

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