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L’Oreal Lash Architect Carbon Gloss Mascara / CIL Architecte Carbon Gloss

June 13th, 2010 · Nobody Surrendered

My sis is back, when she’s back, I would have more makeup and skincare products to play with. I had tried out tonnes of them last year but I was silly enough that I deleted all the photos because I thought I had already transferred them earlier but I didn’t. -.-” So I got nothing to share at all.

I don’t think you can find L’Oreal Lash Architect Carbon Gloss Mascara / CIL Architecte Carbon Gloss here. My sis bought it from UK. It’s waterproof but not oil proof, means it’s going to smudge and give you panda eyes at the end of the day. It smudged on me after 6 hours of using it.

Discover Lash Architect Carbon Gloss for dramatic, ultra-black lashes to last you through the night. Lashes look longer and thicker from every angle thanks to the ‘3D effect’ formula, while the patented spiral brush gives volume and separation from root to tip.

The waterproof formula allows a smudge free, long-lasting result. With carbon black pigments this is our glossiest, blackest mascara yet!

Left: Bare lashes.

Right: With L’Oreal Lash Architect Carbon Gloss Mascara. It did lengthen, I was amazed with the lengthening ability.

Left: Can you see every single strand of lash? Even my lower lashes too. Well… Effect was good but really not recommeded for lower lashes if you are the kind that prone to smudges.

Right: It seems so much longer and as if I applied many coats but I only had 2 coats on. It seems like it also pumped up the volume of the lashes. It also gave the effect of glossy strands of lashes. Interesting.

I found out that it’s hard to remove from various reviews but I didn’t encounter this problem at all. It’s quite easy to remove for me.

Of all the mascaras I had tried, this one gave the most dramatic effect. Will I buy it? Unless it doesn’t smudge on me, can’t get it here anyway, so no point ;p

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