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LUS S Line Body Slimming Glove

August 2nd, 2011 · 2 Surrendered

Remember the previous post about V Line? Now, I’m going to talk about LUS S Line Body Slimming Glove. When I was offered to test this product, I wasn’t sure as I’m slim enough already. Then again, I need to review it as part of the deal, so I agreed. When it arrived, I was delighted! It’s not all about slimming, it can be used for cellulite problem!

I’ve been suffering from cellulite for God-Knows-How-Long. Who say skinny people doesn’t suffer such problem. Mine isn’t nice at all, especially my butt, hip, and thigh area. -.-” Can’t wear anything too short especially bikini and summer is coming real soon! In fact, the weather is getting warmer now, Spring is coming next month!

Even though it can be used for cellulite problem, I was quite reluctant to use it at first because I’m skinny enough, using it might make me even skinnier! *LOL* Then again, since it’s part of the deal, I just had to try it out else how to write?

Finally I tried it. I felt it heated up after using the second step. The heat is meant to improve your circulation and also to assist in reducing water retention (Great! If you suffer from water retention, this product can be used too!). After washing it off, I notice that my thigh felt firmer and the cellulite mark on my upper thigh and hip didn’t look that obvious. I didn’t take photo of it as I was in the bathroom and really have no idea how to take photos in there some more the area is not meant to be shown to the public! *LOL*

In fact, I gave it to a friend of mine to try also and she could feel the heat from the glove and got a bit of shock. Don’t worry about the heat, this is one of the features of this product 😉

Direction of use:
1) Slot hand into the glove with the dotted side facing out. (Exfoliating action)

2) Begin massaging with the dotted surface on the intended areas (tummy, thigh, arm) in circular motion for 3-5 minutes.

3) Following by that, take off the glove and flip into the other side with the smoother side facing out. (Slimming action)

4) Begin massaging using the smoother surface on the intended areas (tummy, thigh, arm) in circular motion for 3-5 minutes. Leave it n for 20 – 30minutes for the slimming ingredients to be absorbed and wash it off thereafter.

I used it once only because I’m afraid that I’m going to get slimmer after using it for too many times *LOL* People are commenting that I looked thinner now -.-”

You can try it out if you are still looking for something that works. I did experience some effects even though it’s not major. Those of you who might be suffering more serious cellulite problem might be able to see more significant result.

The retail price is RM 79 for 1 box LUS S Line Body Slimming Glove which consists of 5 gloves. You can buy them at all Sasa outlets in Malaysia (starting July 2011) or buy it online (Supermodel’s Secrets, they deliver to outside of Malaysia even Australia) if your place doesn’t have Sasa.

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  • 1 uncle Lee // Aug 4, 2011 at 9:11 pm

    Hi Irene, wow, never seen or heard about this before. Hey, don’t be too slim, not good.
    Looks interesting though.
    My wife eats lots of vegetables, drink lots of Chinese green tea and avoids fast food joints….and has maintained her figure all the years, plus minus 5 pounds.

    How’s your social life, *wink*?
    Hope everything okay……
    You still young, so no worries…..
    Have fun.

  • 2 sweet surrender // Aug 4, 2011 at 9:54 pm

    uncle lee, yes, better not be too slim hehehe…

    Social life? Very stale. Looking for more excitement but no where to be found *LOL* too busy with studies and work.

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