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Make My Heart Beats

December 14th, 2007 · 14 Surrendered

You know, sometimes I logged into Smorty to see whether there’s any task to write or not and there’s always some tasks about personalised throw pillow but I always cannot take it because they only want those that are based in the US to write for them. HATE IT! I did browse the site to see what they have to offer because it’s very interesting. I was thinking whether we have this kind of services in Malaysia or not? I came across it before in shops that can help you order it but how about online? Lazy girl like me don’t like to go back and forth wasting my time and energy. Petrol is expensive too!

Then, few weeks ago I came across Heartbeat and found out that we do have website that sells personalised gifts! I’m sure you always came across this jigsaw puzzle thing where you can custom made a jigsaw puzzle from your photos. I’m not interested in that because I’m not a jigsaw puzzle person, it’s too common also! I’m more interested in personalised throw pillow, mugs, keychains, and tiles. YES! They have it all!

Usually if you want them you have to order them in bulk from those printing or souvenir companies especially the t-shirts and keychains, they don’t do one or two pieces. Heartbeat can do that, in small quantity as little as one. So with Heartbeat I can guarantee you that you can make your loved one heart beats! Hahaha…

You can get 10% discount and free delivery if you order your personalised gift now. It’s only for limited time only. Why don’t you take this opportunity to order your Christmas or Valentine’s gifts? Even for your coming wedding to add some uniqueness to it.

OH WAIT! My post is not finish yet!!

You can now win some prizes from Heartbeat. Make sure you submit your most creative couple photo to them. I know somebody is joining it with one of his girls, so if you think you can beat them, join now! The contest is going on now and will end on 21st January 2008.

Oh… I’m in the process of ordering the X’mas mug. When I got my mug, I’ll show it to you hehehe…

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