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Make Waffle & Review PerySmith 3in1 Waffle Maker EasyCooking Series WM360

October 11th, 2021 · Nobody Surrendered

Shared the unboxing video with you last week. This time, here’s my first time using it. Do remember to read the user manual before using and discard the first piece.

In conclusion the locking mechanism is a bit meh. That’s pretty much my complain. As for cooking time, it’s long but expected as this is not for heavy/commercial usage and the heat generated can’t possibly cook it fast enough.

You can check out few other recipes that I tried using PerySmith 3in1 Waffle Maker EasyCooking Series WM360. You can purchase the waffle maker here https://invol.co/cl57btp. Now that 10/10 is over, aim for 11/11 sale ;p

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