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Malaysians Can Withdraw Paypal Now! – Debit Card Version (3)

October 12th, 2007 · 3 Surrendered

Remember the post about Paypal withdrawal?

Our result is out! FAILED!

No money going in until today. So we will cancel the transaction though Payapl didn’t classify it as failed transaction. It’s more the 7 business days already. If it’s successful, the money should be in long time ago as those using Public Bank Visa Electron Debit Card had got their money already long before the 7 business days end.

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    […] Let’s see what are the cards that work with Pyapal fund withdrawal: 1. Public Bank Visa Credit Card 2. Public Bank Visa Electron Debit Card 3. Citibank Visa Credit Card 4. Alrajhi Bank Visa Debit Card. How about those cards that failed? 1. AmBank NexG Prepaid Credit Card 2. UOB MasterCard 3. Public Bank MasterCard 4. EON Bank MOL Freedom Prepaid Credit Card (Just found from Alex that this card can’t work! Apparently it’s Mastercard policy. His card got blocked now because they thought it was a money laundering activity. Now he needs to write in a letter to explain to them and show them proof. This will take months for them to refund his balance.) 5. United Oversea Bank (UOB) credit cards 6. Alrajhi Bank Visa Debit Card.(No money going in and no notification or anything, I guess it fails and will contact Paypal tomorrow to ask about it and cancel the transaction) 7. UOB ATM Card with Visa Electron […]

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    […] Not satisfied with the “failed transaction” the other time using Jimmy’s debit card and Paypal account, I decided to to withdraw from my account using my own Alrajhi Bank debit card last nightt to see whether it works or not since there are quite a number of bloggers got their money already. […]

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    […] Hopefully I will see the money soon either this week or next week. Don’t be too happy because it stated that it’s completed and RM1 got deducted in Alrajhi, it doesn’t mean you will 100% get your money. Many people got stucked at this part, same as our previous attempt. Hopefully this time it goes tru’. If it doesn’t then I have to wait for don’t know how long to get my money refund. […]

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