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Maybelline Forever Strong +Iron & Express Finish

May 29th, 2011 · 5 Surrendered

Usually I bougth the cheapo nail polish back in M’sia and only used them on my toenails. I never think I will need it here but at the end, I had to get it because I couldn’t stand seeing my ugly fingernails due to daily washing with hands.

I did some survey around the city and decided that I should just get it online because it’s much cheaper.

I got it from Ebay, bought 2 bottles in one go, cost me less than AUD14 (more than USD15, how I wish the USD is much stronger sigh…) inclusive if shipping but it’s the most expensive nail polishes I have ever bought. Maybelline Forever Strong +Iron in MAUVE ON & ON and Express Finish in Sheer Crystal. Since I’m buying online, I just trust my guts on the colours even though it’s shown in the listing. You know how it will differ between photo and real product.

Maybelline Forever Strong +Iron in MAUVE ON & ON is good! I usually have issue applying nail polish on my fingernails but with this, I didn’t even need any correction at all. One attempt only. It’s so easy to apply and the brush is amazing. I quite like the colour, not too bright or too dark. Phew… What’s more, I notice that my fingernails are stronger now too. It’s not that easily bend. One coat is fine but two coats are better. It stayed on my fingernails for almost week before chipping.

I thought Express Finish will have colour but it’s actually transparent, there’s hint of colour but too light to notice. It’s sparkly, meant for the finishing touch but doesn’t sparkle too much, not over the top. When layer on any base colour, you’ll give the base colour a bit of punch or use it on its own. If you are tired of your usual colour, layer this on and you’ll get new colour. However, I notice that when I layered it on Maybelline Forever Strong +Iron in MAUVE ON & ON, it’s not easily solid dried even after hours. It’s like a soft layer on top if you get what I mean. Only until the next day (I applied it at night) it was thoroughly dried, so I got some lines and patterns on the surface but not that obvious. I guess next time I’ll just use it on its own instead of as a top coat. There’s no such problem with using it on its own though.

The big toe has Maybelline Forever Strong +Iron in MAUVE ON & ON as the base and Express Finish as the top coat while the other toe only has Maybelline Forever Strong +Iron in MAUVE ON & ON on it. The colour is not the exact colour in real life. In real life, it’s much darker.

Now I know why it is important to invest in expensive and good nail polish instead of the cheapo one. It lasts longer and easier to apply, minimize the chance of making mistake, and it won’t harm your nails. It’s a good buy.

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  • 1 uncle Lee // May 31, 2011 at 6:49 am

    Hi Irene, good product. Very popular here too.
    I did notice my wife using it on her fingers and toes.
    On and off I’ll buy for her a Chanel or a Dior….
    You have fun and stay easy.

    Glad to see your comment box is okay.
    Mine has disappeared! Blog has hiccups!

  • 2 sweet surrender // May 31, 2011 at 3:42 pm

    Uncle lee, hehehe… Nail polish is good, can cover the ugliness of the fingernails due to daily chores. Your wife is so lucky! 😉

    I hope your comment box will be fixed soon. Take care!

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