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Milo Mint Milkshake

August 9th, 2009 · Nobody Surrendered

All right! Another Milo post *LOL* I’m sure some people will think that I’m really paid by Milo to post all these Milo related posts. Nuh~ No one pays me anything. It just happened that all I have now at home now is Milo hahaha…

The days are hot! So hot and so hazy. Visibility is so low these days. It was so hot last night that I had to strip and sleep ;p Had to go till this extend, what to do? I don’t have air-con in my room.

Anyway, few days back, I was thinking of chocolate mint milk tea, then I thought of Milo + mint ice cream, that might do the trick.

So… I mix Milo with mint ice cream, gave them a good shake with some ice cubes and there you go… Milo Mint Milkshake or you can call it Triple M or Triple Mi hahaha…

Frankly, it tasted weird. First few sips ware fine but later it just felt yucky! Hahaha… I also don’t know why. Maybe I just don’t get use to the idea on having Milo with mint ice cream. Vanilla ice cream or chocolate ice cream might be fine.

Wanna try? Don’t say I didn’t warn ya!

p/s: Ignore that tin ;p I was using Malaysian made Milo. The tin is just for show.

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