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Nail Polish Fun

May 31st, 2013 · Nobody Surrendered

Went on a nail polish spree few months back at Sasa. 3 bottles for RM10.

Step 1: Base colour, I thought it will be rather nude but quite orange and didn’t complement my skin colour.

Step 2: In order to make less it less orangey, I applied this finer glitters nail polish at the tip of my nails.

Left: Step 3: Then topped the alternate fingers with this larger glitters nail polish. Happened that one of the heart glitters came out with the brush, that’s why it was there. Really like it! So princessey.

Right: Using the first bottle of nail polish and Maybelline Forever Strong +Iron & Express Finish to achieve the two-tone design simply using cellophane tape to achieve this effect. After I did it, I realized I had bought a silk blouse with this colour scheme. How matching…

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