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Naruko Narcissus DNA Repairing Foaming Wash

March 15th, 2014 · Nobody Surrendered

It’s not easy to find facial wash that is suitable for me as I easily get red patches, be it itchy or not, after washing my face. I found one from Eucerin but it does not really solve my problem, red patches still developed sometimes. However, not Naruko Narcissus DNA Repairing Foaming Wash. In fact, I was looking for Eucerin but strangely that branch of Watsons did not carry Eucerin brand… I ended up trying my luck with Naruko DNA Narcissus Repairing Foaming Wash (120ml). I don’t remember how much, it’s below RM30 if not mistaken.

This is a Taiwanese brand. Not new, it’s been while. If you watch the Taiwanese beauty show, Queen, then I’m sure you will know who is the founder.

Why I ended buying it after going tru’ the other range of Naruko products? Simply because it’s the cheapest I could find hahaha… Also with anti-aging and moisturizing properties.

After washing my face, my face didn’t feel dry or tight. Instead, it felt clean, comfortable, soft to touch and no allergy reaction too! The smell is quite refreshing.

However, you have to dispense a lot, at least about 1cm to get it to foam. Usually I used less than this for other facial foam. Anyway, it’s not a big deal. The foam is very fine and luxurious.

I’m happy with this purchase. Definitely will stick to this… I think… HAHAHA… Knowing me, I seldom stick to one brand, always like to experiment with new products. We’ll see…

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