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Old Town White Coffee @ Hills

October 19th, 2010 · Nobody Surrendered

After so long, finally I spent my money at Old Town White Coffee @ Hills. Did not have a very pleasant experience at the one at airport. Went to the one at Hills because my friends had chosen this place. No choice.

We ordered 2 types of toasts. The one here is kaya and butter toast (single), RM1.80. The kaya and butter toast was not that bad but make sure you don’t wait till it’s cold to savour it. Best to eat it while it’s still hot but not easy because the air con there was quite cold and anything hot would turn cold in no time ;p The two sticks of butter was definitely very sinful but quite nice when the toast was still warm.

Left: Peanut butter toast (single), RM1.80. This one is quite disappointing. I can do better peanut butter toast.

Right: Lime juice(RM3.90), White Coffee Gao(RM3.90), Old Town Teh Tarik (RM3.90), Lemon Pepsi (RM4.50).

I personally think that the teh tarik is a bit too sweet for me. As for the size, it’s a bit small glass but that’s their standard.

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