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Paris and England Trip (20/6/2013-2/7/2013) – Part 11

August 25th, 2013 · Nobody Surrendered

28/6/2013 can be said as another rest day. We only went out in late afternoon.

Left: A structure in Thornaby found along the road. Forgot what it was.

Right: Paint bucket structure built at one of the roundabouts.

Many roundabouts there and each of them have unique structure built on it.

The weather wasn’t sunny, no sun, rather cold. Drizzling along the way.

Up and down, winding road. Awesome views!

View of the sea from the mountainous road.

We’re finally in Whitby, a seaside town, port and civil parish in the Borough of Scarborough and English county of North Yorkshire. It was freezing due to the sea breeze and the rain. We wore so little -.-” At one point, the rain got a bit heavier and we took cover in a local hotel.

Left: Captain James Cook statue, seagulls love to perch on top of its head. This statue is facing the direction of Australia. He led a voyage to view the transit of Venus in 1769, mapped the coasts of New Zealand and Australia, and arguably introduced tattoos into the western world. Here’s an interesting fact, he was the one who named the eastern coast of Australia as New South Wales. WOW! Can imagine how far he sailed.

Right: Whalebone arch were donated by Alaska in April 2003. The original one was erected some time after 1853 and is now displayed in the Whitby Archives & Heritage Centre.

A view that is different from other places we’ve been to. Breathtaking.

We tried ginger ice cream from one of the shops there. Real ginger pieces in there. Yum! Thought it would taste rather odd but it was great! Warm you up from this cold, wet, and windy day.

The Magpie Cafe, where we had our dinner. Had to queue, the place was packed. One of the famous place to dine here.

Fresh Oyster! SLURP!!! No idea how much, can’t find it on the menu, it’s on the special of the day menu.

Fish and chips! A must to have when you are here.

Left: Cod & Chips (£9.95), this is small and it’s already big enough!

Right: Skate Wing & Chips (£12.95), this is standard size, 400g.

Left: Fresh Mussels (half kilo, £7.95), Steamed & served in a liquor of Wine, Cream and Garlic. Seems like we had lots of mussels this trip.

Right: You will end your meal with this mint to freshen up your fishy breath ;p

Overall, the portion and price were all good. Very friendly staff too. You are sure to get fresh seafood here! No wonder so many people queuing up to eat here. I’m sure other eateries here are as good. I guess it’s because it’s one of Yorkshire landmarks, that’s why it’s so popular.

After having our dinner, we continued to discover Whitby on foot. More to come…

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