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Pavilion & One Utama 7th January 2010

February 9th, 2010 · 2 Surrendered

First stop in the morning was Pavilion.

It’s not very far from where we stayed. We just walked there. Spent quite a bit of time there as my parents were interested in the decorations selling there but they were too expensive to buy and no way to bring them back ;p We spent quite a lot of time at the food court too.

We decided to try Mr. Baoz! I knew about this place somewhere from the Internet more than a year ago(if not mistaken). Finally saw it here in Pavilion. Of course, we decided to try it out. There was promotion that time and we bought the promo set, 4 baby Mr. Baoz for RM1.70/each. Original price was RM1.80/each.

It’s really mini and cute! In fact it’s just your normal bao except it’s fancier and with lots of choices rather than the usually char siew or red bean. Frankly I don’t like bao but the bao from Mr. Baoz were just too cute to resist ;p

We had BBQ Chicken(from Royal Delicacy series), Winter Romance(from Chocolate Serise), Chicken Sate Baoz(from Royal Delicacy series), and Snowflake Taro Baoz(from snowflake series). I don’t quite remember what we had actually. I took the brochure so that I could refer when I do my post. Now… I notice that the actual Baoz doesn’t look the same as the Baoz in the brochure that’s why I can’t identify them *LOL*

How’s the taste? Hmmm… Well… Not so bad, something different but acceptable especially to my parents who prefer food that they are familiar with.

You can actually opt for the Baoz that is fried but we opt for the steamed ones. Why Mr. Baoz? I got these from the brochure:
– natural colouring
– less oil in the fillings
– can keep in freezer for 3 days and reheat with steamer/microwave
– texture is soft and healthy
– “double” filling, one on top, one in the bun
– presentable and nice packaging

After having Baoz, we ordered a bowl of Braised Beef Noodle(RM10.90) at Little Taiwan, one of the stalls there, to share. The taste was quite disappointing.

After that, we headed back to 41Berangan before heading to One Utama. In fact I was torn between One Utama and Mid Valley. At the end I decided to go to One Utama coz I thought I could get my CNY clothes there since I’ve been getting them there every time I’m in KL. Our taxi was to pick us up from 41Berangan using meter to One Utama, the fare was RM30.

In the end I regretted it coz I didn’t get anything there and we wasted most of our time getting lost inside the shopping mall hahaha… Should just go to Mid Valley, there’s more thing to see at Mid Valley or might just go to The Curve or IKEA.

There’s Old Chang Kee here. It’s a franchise from Singapore. Bought the curry puff to eat.

Photos taken from the One Utama. We ended up here when we tried to locate TGI Friday *LOL*

We tried to look for TGI Friday and got lost so many times, round and round, kept returning to the same place. We saw it from afar but couldn’t find our way to it. Silly, silly! We were all these while so near to it but never noticed it! -.-” Wasted so much time just looking for it.

Finally I got to dine here after so many years! We only ordered a set, it’s quite big in portion for us. Thought of ordering another but was full already. I definitely couldn’t finish it alone. Just having half the meat could make me full don’t even say the whole plate of food.

Left: Texas Ribeye and Cajun Fried Shrimp(RM54.90), generous 10 oz. Australian chilled air flown grain-fed ribeye topped with a fresh spicy tomato pico de gallo paired with crispy Cajun fried shrimp served with BBQ sauce, Cheedar mashed potatoes and grilled corn on the cob.

Initially I ordered medium rare but later asked them to change to 70% cooked as it was too bloody and my parents couldn’t accept it. I didn’t expect them to ask me to check when they serve it to us. Upon seeing my parents reactions, they offered to change a new one for us. They didn’t just took the meat and recook it instead it’s a whole new piece of meat. That’s good! I like that!

Seeing this now make me craving for it again -.-”

Right: Green Apple Slush(RM8.90), mixture of green apple and lemon-lime soda. Very huge glass, lucky we only ordered one.

After that, we called it a day and got a taxi back using meter for only RM25. It’s a good thing this taxi driver actually know his way once he saw the address unlike the one that we got at KL Sentral.

That’s all for the second day, spending most of the time getting lost ;p

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  • 1 Jfook // Feb 11, 2010 at 1:14 pm

    Personally think that Pavilion is the best shopping mall in M’sia. 🙂

  • 2 sweet surrender // Feb 11, 2010 at 3:47 pm

    JFook, hmm… No idea ;p I’m only impress with the food court hahaha…

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