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Pinky’s Wedding

November 23rd, 2008 · 2 Surrendered

Look who is getting married to today? Photos were taken by Jimmy as I wasn’t there. Congrates Pinky!

I wasn’t there to be her ji mui coz she didn’t ask me and also I didn’t ask her *LOL* People said that if you had already been a bridesmaid/ji mui in 3 weddings, you will never get marry anymore, do you believe in it? ;p

I’ve been in 3 already. Ann’s(as her bridesmaid, this definitely counted as one), Ely & Cindy(joined Ely’s heng dai, does this count? I was there to take pictures only and not involved in anything they are doing *LOL*), and Lilian’s(not sure to consider as ji mui or not coz joined them last minute just to take photos *LOL*, count or not?). So if I’m joining Pinky’s today then it’s my 4th!! Do you think I want to take the risk? *LOL*

NUH~ I don’t believe in such kind of thing ;p It’s good also that I didn’t join her for the morning ceremony because I have class in the afternoon and a presentation also -.-” I will have no time to rest at all based on my previous expriences. If I don’t have class, then I might make my face thick thick and asked her to let me be there in the morning *LOL*

Oh ya, Pinky if you see this, go blame Jimmy for the photos ;p

The reception is tonight at Hilton. Stay tuned for more photos, hopefully can get nice photos for this wedding.

P/S: Notice someone at the background?(I know… the photo is small ;p) The photographer? Hehehe… That’s Edwin.

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  • 1 Rose // Nov 26, 2008 at 6:18 pm

    The Chinese said not good for lady to be bridesmaid thrice. Then cant get married themselves. I dont know the reason behind, but it doesnt make sense right?

  • 2 sweet surrender // Nov 26, 2008 at 7:06 pm

    Rose, hehehe… Doesn’t make sense. It’s just some old wives tales because they want to encourage their daughters to quickly get married as in the old days, they scare that their daughter’s friends got married already and she still haven’t got married so it’s use to scare them *LOL* and a hint to make let them know that “you see your 3 friends already got married, you haven’t got married yet!”. If I’m not mistaken, in the olden days, only single lady can be bridesmaid.

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