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PKNU Cultural Exchange – 1.1.2012 (Part 2)

January 6th, 2012 · Nobody Surrendered

I took the Airport Railway to Gimpo Airport as it’s much easier.

Got the ticket from the vending machine. I fell asleep so many times on the train. So exhausted!

Finally I’m in Gimpo Airport. I just followed the crowd. Was almost denied entrance to the departure hall because of the name difference on my boarding pass and my passport because it’s too long, the ‘g’ in my name was omitted. I tried so hard to explain in English and use sign langugage as I don’t know any Korean language, it was a bit frustrating. Luckily I was allowed to go in at the end.

According to my buddy, I’m the first one to arrive. So early in the morning. This is the place I’m going to stay for the next 3 weeks. We had problem figure out how to use the heating system. I was thinking to get a shower the first thing I arrived but ended up napping first because the water was too cold and need time to heat up.

Left: My name tag and room key. So special, it’s so small, just scan the tiny little card to unlock the room door.

Right: The main entrance of Pukyong National University.

The view from one of the section of the university.

Random street view on the way for my early dinner at 4pm+

The side dishes.

Left: Kimbap, my roommate’s dinner.
Right: I don’t remember what’s this, I’m not the one ordering it and everything was in Korean, I got no clue ;p Anyway, I paid KRW3000 for my dinner.

Called it an early night at around 9pm. Classes start the next day, there’s no such things as replacement holiday for the new year here.

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