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PKNU Cultural Exchange – 4.1.2012

January 25th, 2012 · Nobody Surrendered

The third day of the program.

Left: We got our jumper today! I don’t even have my own uni’s jumper but I got one from this uni. I told my friend that I will wear this to UNISA *LOL*

Right: We have another lecture in the afternoon about Korean Wave.

Also learnt about the common Korean behaviours. For example, women cover their mouths with their hand when they laugh, no smoking in front of elder, Koreans don’t hold door for people behind them and so on and so forth.

After the class, we decided to start our very first mission of the program.

We were required to go to Nampo-dong, one of the major shopping spots in Busan.

We had to find the sheeps(behind us) and took photo of us forming the letter PCEP (Pukyong Cultural Exchange Program).

Left: After that, the sexy photo of us ;p This is not for the mission hahaha…

Rigth: One of the tourist spots in Nampo-dong. The hut with the bell that would be rang to welcome the new year and the tower is the observation tower.

Nice view!

It was so cold that day.

This spot is popular with lovers. It reminded me of how lonely I am *LOL*

Another view.

Left: Lovers’ locks, lovers wrote their messages on the locks then threw the keys away down to the mountain.

Right: We found a photo machine, we took quite a number of photos and this is the best but when we tried to send it to our e-mail, the machine hanged! So I guess our photo was there on the screen the whole night or until someone fixed the machine ;p Since we couldn’t get the photo, we decided to take the photo on the screen with our cameras. Two Koreans, two Malaysians, and one American. Guess who are the Koreans? *LOL*

We were so exhausted so decided to buy street food back to our dorm for dinner.

We got fried chicken with sauce, tteokbokki, assorted deep fried food, and assorted pork parts. All were yummy, the fried chicken was the best, tteokbokki was spicy but delicious, the fried food wasn’t that bad too but the pork dish was a bit hard for us to accept such as the taste and texture of some of the parts *LOL*

I’m now back in Adelaide, came back yesterday and spent most of my day sleeping. I’m so tired, I still am. Need to catch up on my studies as classes started last week and I had missed 3 classes! Tomorrow is public holiday in Australia, Australia Day, gonna go to watch the parade, might be my first and my last.

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