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Poppies – Baby Chapter

April 28th, 2008 · 9 Surrendered

Poppies is a type of flower. Did you know there’s another meaning for it? You know how the locals here like to called babies “ang gugu”? People overseas will call their babies “poppies”. Interesting, I didn’t know this until I visited Poppies at tHe Spring to see what they have to offer. It’s a new shop that sells stuffs for babies, children, mommies and also the big kids like us hahaha… Was honoured to be invited to feature this place in my blog by My Privilege Book and Poppies. I went there yesterday with few more Kuching Bloggers. They were Alex and Deluxe, Anna, Cherlyn, Edwin, and Jimmy.

I’m sure if we don’t have children or babies or intend to shop for friend’s baby shower and so on, you won’t be stepping into this shop. How wrong was I. I will split this post into parts to share with you the interesting stuffs that I found in there. This shop is for everyone!!

Left: Do check out the islands to find great offers that they have from time to time. Every Wednesday, they will have some special offers on certain products. It’s a good time to go and look around on stuffs for your poppies hehehe…
Right: Kids will surely be bored, so they can play here but of course must have someone looking after them, don’t leave them there alone to play.

Things for your baby’s bedroom. You can get cots, mattress, pillows, cradles, blankets and so much more!! Spoilt for choices hahaha… Cuteness overdose also hahaha…

Clothes for babies are available also.

These had grabbed our attention! It’s stockings!! Hehehe… So cute!! Great for gift.

Things for feeding your babies. Major brands are available here such as Avent, Chicco etc. You can get stuffs from UK, US, NZ or Aus here. You don’t have to fly to KL for it anymore. This is why the owner started this business as she had problem looking for things for her baby last time. The first shop is located in Sibu, I’m sure those living in Sibu will know Poppies. This is the second shop, opened in March in tHe Spring.

Milk powder and diapers are essentials for babies. It’s never cheap but you can get benefits from Poppies if you are their member. Signing up as a member only require RM30 for lifetime membership, no annual renewal, no expiration of points. RM1=1 point and you can use these accumulated points to get freebies or enjoy special offers. Special card is given to you to record down the number of milk powder and diapers that you had purchased. With 10 stamps collected, you are entitle for selected offer.

Car seats and strollers. We were told that you must start putting your baby on car seat as early as possible so that when he/she got older, he/she will get used to the idea and won’t make a fuss about it. Start early is the key.

Baby food from Australia. Very colourful hehehe… Wanna try?

Mommy chapter coming up…

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  • 1 windwalker // Apr 28, 2008 at 4:28 pm

    Are you preparing yourself to have poppies??hahahaha…

  • 2 sweet surrender // Apr 28, 2008 at 4:30 pm

    wakaka… one person cannot make ooo… 😛 *LOL* Make me a bit phobia to make one also seeing so many things needed and so much money required *LOL*

  • 3 Edwin Lay // Apr 28, 2008 at 8:25 pm

    It’s good to see a shop with a wide range of baby products in Kuching.

    Hahaha… when are you going to have poppies Lovebell?

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  • 5 sweet surrender // Apr 28, 2008 at 11:58 pm

    Edwin 😛 hehehe… wait till I have husband first ma… *LOL*

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