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Real Fresh Skin Detoxer Rose and Green Tea

August 15th, 2018 · 3 Surrendered

Real Fresh Skin Detoxer Rose and Green Tea is the latest product you can find in Althea which is a collaboration with Korea’s top TV program: Get It Beauty! I was given these two tubes to try. I’ve been using them for more than two weeks as my daily mask and facial cleanser. I did not use any other mask or cleanser. It is a 10-second wash-off mask. Only 10 seconds to prep your skin for your morning and night skincare routine.

This is my daily routine for 2 weeks:-
Morning: Real Fresh Skin Detoxer Rose -> Toner -> Serum/Moisturizer -> Sunblock
Night: Makeup remover -> Real Fresh Skin Detoxer Green Tea -> Toner -> Serum/Moisturizer

ROSE: Refining

A rose-infused facial mask that would suit your morning routine to strip away dirt accumulated overnight to reveal a healthy glowing skin.

It’s quite watery. Smell nice, I like the smell of rose. You can find premium handpicked May Rose petals from France inside. Apply it generously before you take your morning shower. 10 seconds will be gone very quickly. By the time you applied it on your entire face, it’s already more than 10 seconds. Wet your hands and massage your face in circular motion, it will bubble up, then rinse off.

My skin feel so smooth to touch, as if there’s a film covering my skin but no sticky feeling. Looking at the mirror, my face look smooth and glowing too. I feel a bit tight after washing it off but just proceed with my usual morning skincare routine and I’m good to go! My skincare products absorb quickly and make up goes on well.

GREEN TEA: Purifying

Infused with purifying green tea extract, it helps to soothe and refresh tired skin after a long day outdoors.

The consistency of this is thicker than Rose. You’ll find young Jeju Island green tea leaves inside. Very refreshing to end the day with. It’s giving me the same effect as Rose. Be sure to clean your face from sunscreen or makeup before applying it.

Since there’re real rose petals and green tea leaves in it, make sure you don’t exposed it to too much heat. Putting it inside the fridge might be good idea for summer, you’ll get cold and refreshing mask after a long day and night. However, do not worry about the changing of colour, it won’t cause you any harm. I would recommend you to use it fast since the ingredients are fresh and will deliver better result when it is at its freshest.

Here’s how it works for me. Ignore the colour, the photos were taken at different time with different lighting. I just want to show you how much difference it made to my pores.

Left: My usual skin condition before I’m being introduced to Real Fresh Skin Detoxer. This is how my face feel and look. Very rough, even touching it is rough especially the nose. Sigh… No matter what I use, it’s still the same.

Right: After the first usage of Real Fresh Skin Detoxer, can you see the difference? The pores are very much finer, smoother and softer to touch. It’s not temporary but lasted throughout the day. Makeup goes on with ease too. No more worrying about makeup stuck around the pores especially those cream based makeup.

I highly recommend this. It’s good for daily use. Quickly head over to Althea to get this awesome product.

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