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Red Coliseum

December 27th, 2008 · Nobody Surrendered

Went to Red Coliseum on the third day of its opening. No one but us. We found out about it after we went to bing! at Premier 101.

The system is the same as Popwave. According to M, there are songs that aren’t available in Popwave and Enter K. As for me, songs that I used to sing aren’t in there. I don’t like the system, very hard to navigate.

Here’s the prices in case you are curious. For the time being no food available yet:
11am-2pm – RM13 + 1 drink
2pm-6pm – RM20 + 2 drink
6pm-8pm – RM17 + 2 drink
8pm-Close – RM28 + 2 drink

The drink can be beer or soft drink.

It was so clean and works still in progress when we were there. It’s so new that we, girls, actually opened the male’s toilet door to have look and M even asked me take photo of her in there! ;p

The location is at Premier 101, just go around the place and you will see. Don’t know how to explain the location. It’s in one of the blocks at the back.

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