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Roxy Tasik Biru & Siniawan Night Market | Ever Thought of Celebrating Birthday Here?

March 20th, 2022 · Nobody Surrendered

How long have you not been to Tasik Biru, Bau? It’s been years for me. I think the last time I was here was back in 2017 or is it 2018? See… Too long till I cannot remember. Then in 2020, everything was closed. Everyone just stayed home.

Two weekends ago, it was my brother’s birthday. Too bad he couldn’t come back, stuck in Singapore. We decided to just drive around and ended up in Bau. We took some photos and videos to show him instead. Hahaha… If he’s back, if the pandemic doesn’t exist, we might celebrate his birthday here.

Here are some of the structures found in Bau town. I quite like the one on the right with flying birds. The one on the left is pitcher plants and gold miners. Bau has a history of being a gold mining town.

Recently, at the end of 2021, a new hotel was opened. It’s called the Roxy Tasik Biru.

Prior to that, this is the only signboard you would see. Minus those infrastructures at the back. This lake has a lot of stories and mysteries of its own. You can always Google it 😉

Now, you can find floating chalets and eatery there along with the fountain and floating platform that let you cross the lake to get to the hotel.

Water activities such as boat rides and paddling are available. Need to pay of course. Can feed fish too. The new additions to the lake give some pop of colours to the lake. Previously, it was all shades of greens and blues.

Look at the mountain there. Whenever you see this mountain, you know that you’re in Bau. It’s called Mount Krian aka Kerian(if I’m not mistaken). I didn’t know this place is Sarawak Delta Geopark though haha… Only know now *LOL* Don’t think I was aware of it even when I was working in my previous company ;p I think the signboard was only built recently. Looks rather new.

Truth to be told I prefer this side of the view. Never paid attention to how beautiful the view here is. Who would expect this view is just right here, so near to home?

We were there for one hour or less. Then we made our way back to Kuching. Along the way, we stopped at Siniawan Night Market.

I’ve not been here for so long. The last time I came here was for work. I remember there was one time when we celebrated a friend’s birthday here but don’t remember exactly when. The weekend night market is basically a mini food fair. Have you ever celebrate birthday here?

Since we were there at 4.30pm, there was no crowd and people were still preparing for the night. In fact, we had no plan to dine here. Just want to have a look. It’s been a while.

However, we did buy some local Chinese kue home for dinner. There you go… My quick little unplanned trip to Bau. Still pretty much staying at home, not going anywhere.

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