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Seoul Restaurant

March 16th, 2013 · Nobody Surrendered

Guess what?!?! Another back dated post. Went to Seoul Restaurant which is located at 65 Hyde Street, Adelaide, 3 times last year. First time was with a long lost friend for dinner before I went back to Kuching last year, then second time for friend’s birthday dinner in November when thing started to turn out all wrong while I was still thinking everything was still rosy, and the final time was for another friend’s graduation dinner in December.

I was told that this is the very first Korean restaurant in Adelaide.

Left: Kimchi Pancake (AUD10).
Right: Bibimbab (AUD14.90) but I don’t remember which type as they have chicken, beef, seafood, and vegetarian to choose from.

Seafood Bean Paste Stew (Korean soybean stew with vegetables, seafood & tofu) and Soft Tofu Stew (Spicy red chili with soft tofu, clams, vegetables & egg). Each cost AUD13.90.

Left: The side dishes you get when you dine there. They have different dishes served everyday.
Right: Bossam is steamed pork belly with vegetables (AUD34).

Left: Japchae (AUD9.50), stir fried clear sweet potato noodle with beef & vegetables.
Right: Seafood hotpot ($36.00 – Medium; $52.90 – Large). There’s crab, squid, king prawns, mussel and vegetables in spicy broth with udon noodle.

Left and middle: I’m not sure what are these. It’s been so long ago. I guess it’s Pork cuttlet (AUD16.90) which was deep-fried pork cuttlet with Korean BBQ sauce and Spicy Grilled Pork (1AUD4.90) which was sliced pork with vegetables marinated in Korean chilli sauce.
Right: Grilled Garlic Prawn (AUD24.90).

Overall, the food was pretty authentic while the price was a bit steep for me. The place wasn’t very fancy and located at quite a seclude location but can fit many people.

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