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Silhouette Guinness Christmas Menu

December 15th, 2009 · 2 Surrendered

Where can you get a pint of Guinness Draught and a main course for only RM35?!?! Believe it! It’s this affordable.

Silhouette at tHe Spring is serving Guinness Christmas Menu this December. The price is really unbelievable. There are two types of main courses for you to choose. All dishes are cooked with Guinness.

Left: Beef Stew, delicious beef chunks stewed in a gravy of Guinness Stout served with Baguette. Quite a lot of herbs and slightly spicy but it tasted quite nice. The beef was tender and juicy. I really like the gravy with bread.

Right: Lamb Chop, grilled lamb chops served with wholesome Guinness Gravy. I’m not a lamb chop kind of person because I hate cutting them when eating, too much of hassle. Usually I don’t order lamb chop, I would go for beef steak. Let’s not talk about the bones, you can’t eat it anyway. The meat was tender enough, not hard to cut and it tasted so good with the gravy. *slurp* I don’t mind the meat but not the bones ;p I will be very happy if I get lamb chop without bones but it’s not possible ;p

The portion of both dishes were quite big. If you’re an average or small eater, I recommend you to share this with at least 2-3 friends.

Left: You get The Perfect Pint with each main course.

Right: The satisfied diners. All full and happy.

It was my virgin experience with Guinness Draught. I only had few sips as I have no idea about my alcohol tolerance level because I’m not a drinker summore I drove. As usual… I got the itch about 2-3 hours later after that ;p

What do I think of Guinness Draught? I would prefer this than beer 😉 It’s much easier for me to drink compare to beer.

Oppsss… There’s typo in the photos.

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  • 1 Cyril // Dec 16, 2009 at 3:16 pm

    Hehehe… try translating ur sentence in BM.. “Irene, ur itchy already?”

    hehehehe…. Should ask Fahlee about the cure of itchiness. I bet he’d know.

  • 2 sweet surrender // Dec 16, 2009 at 3:19 pm

    Cyril, translate to BM really sounds so wrong ;p Luckily this blog is not in BM hahaha…

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