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Singapore Trip: Day 3(19/8/09): Part 3.3: Clarke Quay

September 3rd, 2009 · Nobody Surrendered

ARG! No Streamyx! On Celcom now but so slow… I hate calling Streamyx Customer Service! Wasting time and have to answer the same old questions every single time and then will end up with a report number. GAH!

Ok.. Back to the Singapore trip post.

We wanted to go to Little India but after quite a lot of walking, we reached The Riverwalk and stopped for a while to look at the map. Guess what?!?! We’re not half way to Little India yet. So far away! I know… We could take MRT over but felt that it’s not worth it coz it’s so near but who knows it’s really far! There’s free shuttle to Little India but have to find the MRT station first. After so much walking, we were lazy to walk already so we scrapped Little India and we stopped at The Riverwalk to rest.

Next, we walked the underpass and reached Clarke Quay! Wah so fast, it’s so near. We thought the underpass won’t lead us there and we had to cross the road but we’re oh so wrong! ;p So excited that it’s only a short walk and here we were, at the Promenade. You just have to walk further to the bridge to go to this area you see in this photo but we were lazy so we just enjoyed the scenery from the Promenade.

Here! The famous Extreme Swing GX5. Can you spot the capsule? This is definitely not for the faint-hearted.

There’s a shopping complex called the Central. I didn’t go around this shopping complex. I took my time online there, cleared my inbox and so on because I haven’t got the chance to online properly as we were always on the move.

While waiting for my friend to pick us up, we had sushi from the Market.

Next up will be our dinner, finally some other place for food! Thanks to my friend else I will never have the chance to have something outside of food court!

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