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SRB Chung Hua Pending 60th Anniversary Celebration

November 19th, 2006 · Nobody Surrendered

Went to my alma mater’s 60th anniversary celebration just now. The celebration was at Jubilee Hall. OH MY!!! I couldn’t recognised most of my former teachers -_-” only could recognise a few but I didn’t talk to them. They were too busy and I’m busy minding my own business too, that’s taking pictures 😛 I didn’t see many ex-classmates or ex-schoolmates there. Hmmm… Ah well… Maybe it’s because I sat at somewhere faraway from most people as I was sitting with the students becuase there were extra seats. I was there to fill the seat. Dad was one of the organizing committees therefore my mom, my bro and I were there just to fill the odd seats 😛 It was packed! Around 700+ ppl attended.

L-R: Special magazine just for the occasion; The VIP seats and the stage.

The arrangement of VIP seats and the normal seats.

The crowds and dance preformance by a local dance group.

More performances. See the sexy girl? She’s my junior 😛 Karaoke queen yo!

Ribbon cutting ceremony by the those big sponsors.

Singing of birthday song, blowing the candles and cut the cake. The cake cost about RM200++

Let’s go to the food. The food is from “Yi Yuan” Teochew Restaurant.

(L)Shreaded chicken meat noodle fried with egg. (R)Combination dish

(L)Sea cucumber soup. (R)”Chess” duck *LOL* I’m not sure how to translate and don’t know how to describe too.

(L)Steam fish. (R)Yam and pork.

(L) Mix vegetables with crab meat. (M)”Tau hu hua”[beancurd pudding] (R)”O ni” [mashed yam], the specialty of the restaurant.

What a tired night…

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